The Voice Results: And Then There Were Ten ...

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Who is going home on The Voice this week?

It's never an easy question to answer, but the voters answer it just the same, and it went down to the wire Tuesday as it always does on NBC.

Voice Top 11 Performance

Downloads of The Voice Top 11 performances were one component of The Voice results, along with online, Facebook and app votes.

And, of course, there is the Twitter save.

Those in danger of going home must first sing for their lives, then await the results IN REAL TIME of viewers Tweeting their support. 

This week, much like last week's Voice results, there were two singers at the bottom, one save, and only one elimination to endure.

With all of that said, let's get into it!!

The Voice Top Twelve

The singers declared safe last night:

Sundance Head

We McDonald

Ali Caldwell

Billy Gilman

Austin Allsup

Brendan Fletcher

Christian Cuevas

Courtney Harrell

Josh Gallagher

Miley Cyrus, The Voice Promo Pic

That left two Team Miley Cyrus contestants in the bottom two. Aaron Gibson and Darby Walker. This was no doubt a huge blow to Miley, who probably banked on just one of her acts being in the bottom. 

It sucks, but that's the way the competition works. Aaron was first up as he battled for America's Instant Save.

He chose to sing "Your Song" and as you can probably guess, he owned it. He's been one of the stronger competitors this season, so it shows just how much the fans need to put in to keep their act safe. 

The Voice Season 11 Panel

The performance was heartbreaking. He really was singing for his life. 

Finally, Darby took to the stage to sing "Budapest" and it was another solid performance from the contestant. 

Unfortunately for her, the Instant Save went in Aaron's favor, sending Darby out of the competition. 

America has spoken. Do you agree?

There are no shortage of controversial decisions by voters on The Voice, and things are only going to get tougher as the weeks go on.

No matter who gets cut, it's tough.

Miley Cyrus and Company

Unlike some competition shows, in which you wish they would eliminate more contestants, here it always feels like someone is robbed.

Which isn't to say that we are complaining about the results as much as we're saying that we wish we could see more of all 11 singers.

That speaks to the show's popularity more than anything as we steel ourselves now for the coming mass elimination bloodbath of December.

Sound off on The Voice results!

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