Jill Duggar FINALLY Responds to Derick Dillard Health Rumors

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Ever since Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard began posting updates on their foreign missionary work, fans have expressed concerns about Derick's health.

It appears that Derick lost a lot of weight during the couple's final months in El Salvador, and his changing appearance has raised eyebrows.

Jill has spoken about Derick's health in the weeks since the Dillards' return to Arkansas, but didn't go  into specifics, leaving fans worried.

Derick Dillard Braces Pic

Well, in an interview with The Inquisitr published yesterday, Jill goes into further detail about her husband's physical well-being.

Still, her answer to a question about her husband of two years' plummeting weight is unlikely to put many minds at ease:

"Derick and I are generally very healthy people," she said.

"But when you’re eating, drinking and living in a different place than the one you grew up in," Jill adds, things can get dicey.

"It’s not uncommon to come down with the ‘traveler’s stuff’ or other bacteria/viruses in the local jungle area."

So that clears it up, right? Or not at all.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Interviewed

"No, we haven’t had Zika that we know of," she adds.

However, "both of us have been laid out for a few days here and there, thankfully not both at the same time though."

Needless to say, "traveler's stuff" and "we haven't had Zika that we know of" aren't the most comforting phrases.

Based on some recent comments on Jill's Instagram page it seems she hasn't succeeded in putting fans' minds at ease:

“Oh my god, Derrick looks like he’s on deaths door," wrote one user on a recent photo of the parents of one-year-old son Israel.

“He looks like death warmed over," commented another.

A little bit of an exaggeration ... but see below:

Derick Dillard: 2016, 2014

The Duggars' responses, or lack thereof, to the speculation regarding Derick (or Jill's pregnancy, for that matter) are always dubious.

Not long ago, Jill attempted to laugh off the comments about Derick's well-being and rumored ailments, writing on her page:

“Yes! My husband lost some weight because there’s not a single Chick-Fil-A in all of El Salvador! We should’ve researched it!”

We get that she's joking, of course.

But at this point, an outright denial that Derick contracted some sort of tropical illness during his time in Central America might be in order, no?

These days, the Dillards are back in Central America, and Derick is working as a substitute teacher at a local high school.

Jill Duggar Baby Bump Image?

So in all likelihood, he's in reasonable health now.

We would have to imagine so, or that at the very least, he's doing better than he was at various points in their Central American excursion.

Obviously, the Dillards are under no obligation to share his medical records with the public, but at this point, it might make their lives easier.

Watch Counting On online to relive the Dillards' time abroad and a whole lot of clip shows centered around past courtships and such.

Seriously. They recycle a lot of material.

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