Jinger Duggar: JBF Hair in Honeymoon Video Has Fans Buzzing!

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In the Duggar family, sex before marriage is not something that goes on ... however, once the wedding vows are exchanged, it is ON people.

Just ask Jinger Duggar ... and her honeymoon hair!

Jinger Duggar Sex Hair

Last week, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo's honeymoon video hit the web, with the couple giving a shout-out to fans and asking for prayers.

“We just want to say hello!” Jinger says in the video.

“We are enjoying our honeymoon here.”

Enjoying it A LOT from the looks of it.

More than a few Duggar fans have noticed something strange, or at least different, about the 22-year-old Jinger's hair in the video below ...

Are we looking at classic JBF hair?!

If you can't put together the acronym:

It stands for Just Been F--ked.

We've all been there, right? It's the kind of hair you have when you've just been romping around in the sheets for a good while.

Sure looks like it could be, no?

As she turns to gaze adoringly at her husband of one week, that big loop of hair sticking out from the back of Jinger's head is undeniable.

Granted, in this case we could be seeing the remnants of her wedding hairstyle, or a product of the humid weather on their honeymoon.

Or she and Jer just got it on! 

“Congrats!!!! What’s up with your hair girl????” one member of Duggar Nation wrote on the family's official Facebook page.

“I was wondering too!” said another.

“I had no idea what you meant and then she turns toward the end and I was like whoa! Nice!! I’m so happy they are in love and married."

"There’s no shame there!”

Indeed there is not, even if it appears a bit jarring to see this kind of comment made about a Duggar family member: “I thought sex hair????????”

“She has EPIC honeymoon hair!" 

One fan of the family's YouTube page added:

"Did the person who uploaded this video not see the back of her head?? Jeremy should give his very naive wife a ‘heads up’ on fixing bed head. hahaha!!!”

Counting On fans are letting the Duggars know that they’re already looking forward to Jinger and Jeremy’s pregnancy announcement.

NOTE: She's not with child, to our knowledge.

Still, if history repeats itself - both of Jinger’s married sisters got pregnant soon after their weddings - we may indeed see this before long.

Jill Duggar Dillard revealed that she was expecting just two months after her wedding, while it took Jessa Duggar Seewald a whole five.

Jinger Duggar the Bride

The Duggar family is firmly against using birth control, and matriarch Michelle Duggar encourages (married) women to have lots of sex.

In fact, if you watch Counting On online or are at all familiar with Duggar marriage advice, you know she feels it's their job to give it up.

If you're not in the mood, you GET in the mood!

In a post on the Duggar Family website, Michelle famously wrote that wives should always be “joyfully available” for sex, no matter what.

Jinger’s married sisters have not gone that far, but have said that the key to marriage means being able to “enjoy being just the two of you.”

On their honeymoon, they most definitely are.

Jinger Duggar Wedding Dress

If Jinger gets pregnant as fast as Jill did, her alone time with will be short-lived. On the other hand, they will have a family. A beautiful thing.

How long do you think it will take them? Discuss!

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