Blac Chyna Poses with Dream, Prepares to Shed Weight

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Blac Chyna is clearly savoring this time with her brand new daughter.

But she's also making plans to leave that child behind.

Or to leave the weight gained while carrying that child to term behind, we should say.

First, the two-time mother and fiancee of Rob Kardashian has shared yet another precious photo of herself and her newborn baby, Dream Renee Kardashian.

Check it out here:

Blac Chyna and Dream

Chyna simply posted a sleeping emoji face for this photo's caption.

It's good to see she's cherishing such a moment, however. Because babies don't sleep very much during their first couple months of life!

But while Chyna is clearly making the most out of parenthood, she also said in a Snapchat video that she has her eyes on one particular post-pregnancy prize:

Major weight loss.

On Monday, Chyna posted a Snapchat of her healthy meal, saying on video: “I’m about to get this body back right – rice, salmon, salad.”

Which is great and all. She should absolutely want to eat healthy.

But we took up this same issue back when Kim Kardashian talked at painful length about wanting to shed her excess baby weight so soon after giving birth to Saint West.

It sets a bad example for other mothers out there.

There are more important things right now than returning to one's former weight. You just gave birth to a human being! You were just at the center of a miracle!

Sit back. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Savor it.

At the very least, don't publicize your desire to get right back into shape because most mothers out there are so overwhelmed by parenthood that they simply can't think that way.

Moreover, they may not be able to afford to think this way.

Chyna and Kim are far better off than a significant majority of people on this planet; they can afford personal chefs or personal trainers and they can pretty much set their own work schedule.

Rob Kardashian, Daughter

All that venting aside, Chyna and Rob look so gosh darn cute with little Dream!

It's almost hard to believe this is the same couple that spend every episode of their reality show arguing, fighting and screaming.

Since becoming parents, it's been impossible to wipe the smiles off their faces, with Chyna sharing a photo of her breastfeeding Dream and Rob gushing like a proud papa.

"I am so lucky!! Thank you @blacchyna for having our baby and being so strong! I love you so much and can't wait to see her get older day by day with you Chy!" he wrote shortly after Blac Chyna gave birth.

He later added:

"I love you and Dream so much and Appreciate both of you. I know everyone saying that's my twin but that's def your nose Chy lol."

New aunt Khloe Kardashian was also excited about this addition to the family, Tweeting on Thursday afternoon:

"My new niece is absolutely stunning!!! So thankful I was able to land in time to witness this miracle happen! Praise God!"

And what about Kylie Jenner?

"I can't stop looking at her. Congrats @robkardashian @blacchyna She's so beyond beautiful, a dream," she wrote.

We're yet to hear from Kim and Kanye West, but they did send Dream her very first pair of sneakers. Of the Yeezus variety, of course.

Blac Chyna, Daughter

Please join us in sending Rob and Chyna your very best wishes.

And if you want to see more of Dream, don't worry:

E! will air a Rob and Chyna baby special on Sunday, December 18. Because of course it will.

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