Blac Chyna Slammed for Sharing Dream Kardashian Breastfeeding Pic

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Want to hear something cute?

Dream Kardashian, daughter of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, is only two days old, and she's already got her own Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Between the two, she has just under 200,000 followers right now -- oh, and her Instagram account has already been verified.

But right now, we want to talk about Dream's very first social media post, which also happens to be her very first social media scandal.

Blac Chyna breastfeeding Dream

She shared this pic -- or, let's be real, Chyna probably shared the pic, Dream won't be able to post her own selfies until she's at least six months old -- and captioned it "Bonding time with mommy."

Yes, that's a picture of Blac Chyna breastfeeding her baby.

And goodness knows that will not stand.

Check out some of the disturbing comments this little family got on this sweet photo:

We don't need to see that!! Why don't you show us the vag she came from then?

F-cking gross u shameless money hungry ape

Poor baby is gonna get silicone poisoning gotta pray for her!

Blac Chyna, Daughter

Big ass tits bruh

I don't gotta respect no thot or her ugly ass jackpot baby ... f-ck y'all lol

This sh-t is DISGUSTING ... ugly ass baby & ugly ass hair tit ... idc what y'all say... I ain't gotta like it & this is the internet so I can say wtf I want on any pic I want.

So, as you can see, people are terrible and there is no hope for the future.

We are all doomed, for there is little to no goodness left in this world.

It's not new information, but it's still sad to hear, right?

But if you need a little bit of a palate cleanser, then just check this out:

Dream Kardashian Yeezys

It looks like Kim Kardashian is still kicking, even though she's been off social media for over a month now!

She and Kanye West sent Dream two pairs of Yeezys, as well as those fancy balloons! Rob shared the photo, along with a "Thank you KimYe."

So Kim was a little late, it seems, but she finally joined the rest of her sisters in sending Rob well wishes on his new baby girl.

His oldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, tweeted "Feeling joyful and blessed to meet my little angel niece this morning ... dream come true."

Khloe Kardashian, probably Rob's closest sibling, wrote "My new niece is absolutely stunning!!! So thankful I was able to land in time to witness this miracle happen! Praise God!"

Rob Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian

Kylie Jenner came in with "I can't stop looking at her. Congrats @robkardashian @blacchyna she's so beyond beautiful, a dream."

Kendall Jenner, though, still hasn't made any kind of public comment about Dream.

What a family, huh?

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