Blac Chyna Welcomes Baby Girl!!!!!!

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Two big developments in the world of China this week:

First, the country's leading importer of its steel was elected President of the United States.

Second, Blac Chyna gave birth!

It's true! It happened!

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Kiss

Amidst reports that Chyna and Rob Kardashian are separated and won't even reside in the same home once they become parents, the couple welcomed a baby girl into the world on Thursday.

We're still waiting on details, such as the the child's name and measurements.

(UPDATE: Her name is Dream Renee Kardashian... she arrived at 9:18 a.m. PT ... and she weighed in at 7 pounds 5 ounces.)

But she is most definitely here!

The blessed event took place inside Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, with Chyna delivering the child via C-Section in a very nice suite.

According to TMZ, cameras were actually on hand to record the birth (EWWWW!) for an upcoming TV special, but administrators told the family that some of this footage would violate hospital protocol.

Classic Jenner-Kardashians, huh?

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian stunned family members and, really, anyone who follows celebrity gossip when they got together last year.

And then the surprises just kept on coming: They got engaged! She got knocked up! They starred on their own reality show!

Okay, that last development wasn't all that surprising.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna on a Date

But the reality show didn't exactly paint this relationship in the most positive light, as each episode featured an epic fight more nasty than the one from the week before.

Moreover, rumors of a breakup have surrounded Rob and Chyna persistently over the past several weeks.

It doesn't appear as if they'll be raising their daughter under the same roof, at least not in the near future, which is a pretty huge deal.

Blac Chyna, meanwhile, is already the mother to a four-year old son named King Cairo.

His father is Tyga... who is dating Kylie Jenner... who is Rob's sister. It's all very confusing. And sort of incestuous. But not in a literal sense, at least.

“I feel like with my second baby, I’m more educated than the first one,” Chyna said in September on Loveline with Amber Rose, explaining that she planned on ingesting placenta pills after the birth.

“I’m more ready than anything. I’m relaxed. [I’ve had] no cravings, no morning sickness — thank God! I could do it again!”

Despite what we've seen on television between the couple, there was a time when Chyna seemed like a positive influence on Kardashian.

He slowly crept out of his social media slumber while dating her, returning to Instagram; losing a lot of weight; keeping his Diabetes under control; and even smiling in public.

There clearly are some real feelings involved here, at least. So let's hope they win out in the end and this little girl is raised in a happy, healthy environment.

Expect to hear PLENTY more about the latest Kardashian offspring over the coming hours, days and weeks.

Each member of the famous family will no doubt issue statement and send Tweets.

Does this child have a chance of becoming a productive member of society? Let's hope so.

(Editor's Note: Chatter has also been strong of late that some dude named Pilot Jones is actually the father of this little girl.

But Chyna has strongly denied that rumor and we see no reason to believe it just because the Internet says it. So we'll go ahead and congratulate Rob on the birth of his first child until we're told otherwise.)

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