Anna Duggar: Pregnant with Fifth Child?!

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Hold on tight, everybody, because things are about to get uncomfortable in here real quick.

The word on the street (or the internet or wherever) is that Anna Duggar just might be pregnant with her fifth child.

Josh and Anna Image

Yes, just a year after Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison scandal, the one where he was revealed to be hunting for a mistress online, the one that sent him off for sixth months so he could receive treatment for a sex and porn addiction, Anna could be carrying yet another one of his children.

What a world ...

The rumors began, in part, because Anna was especially emotional on this week's episode of Counting On.

Anna Duggar on Counting On

She gushed about Jana Duggar, one of Josh's siblings, and said that "she will make an amazing wife one day, but selfishly right now, I'm so thankful I've had her as a shoulder to cry on."

Poor Anna presumably needs a shoulder to cry on because she married a disgusting, child-molesting adulterer, but perhaps she might be feeling a lot of feelings lately because of all those pregnancy hormones.

Oh, and it also really looked like she had a baby bump. We probably should have mentioned that earlier.

Anna Duggar's Possible Baby Bump

So either she's pregnant or she had an especially large lunch, right? But it definitely looks like she could be pregnant.

And the real surprise is that she hasn't gotten pregnant already.

We all know how the Duggars tend to operate when it comes to sex in marriage -- no protection, all the babies, obviously -- and even though things have been strained for Anna and Josh, it seems like, for better or for worse, they're working through their issues.

In an episode of Counting On that aired back in August, Anna revealed that "Personally, I have a lot of hope for our marriage."

Josh, Anna Duggar and Family

"As I see Josh taking steps to do what's right," she explained, "it brings a lot of joy and helps heal the pain that we walked through."

"We are just taking it one day at a time, and working on strengthening our relationship as a couple and with our children."

But while that sounds nice and all, not everyone is so hopeful that Josh is treating Anna any better.

In fact, a lot of people are concerned that Josh's behavior has taken a turn for the worse.

In a photo that was shared on the Duggar's Facebook page last month, Anna appeared to have a black eye and a busted lip. The picture sparked rumors that Josh was possibly abusing her.

Anna Duggar Close Up

Unfortunately, that kind of behavior wouldn't exactly be unheard of for Josh, considering his track record of bad behavior when it comes to women.

If Anna is pregnant, then we wish her the best. And if she isn't pregnant, well ... we wish she'd run.

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