Jill, Jessa and Anna Duggar: ALL Pregnant Right Now?!

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We know Jessa Duggar is currently expecting a baby ... but are sister and sister-in-law Jill Duggar and Anna Duggar pregnant as well?

Jill and Anna have remained tight-lipped about the speculation that they’re pregnant, but rumors persist that they too may be with child.

Anna Duggar, Jessa Duggar and Jill Dillard

If you watch Counting On online (or its predecessor, 19 Kids & Counting to be more accurate), you know that this has happened before.

The beaming Jill, Anna and Jessa were simultaneously carrying Israel, Meredith and Spurgeon, respectively, in the photo above from 2014.

Might we be seeing a sequel?

Tuesday, the pregnant Jessa (baby bumpin' below) is expected to reveal the news on Counting On, while Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard ... are not.

Unless, of course, they are.

Jill and Derick have made it clear that they are trying to get pregnant despite Zika concerns and the End of Days being kind of imminent.

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Picture

They've spoken about adopting in the past (as have Jessa and Ben Seewald), but it looks like for the time being, old-fashioned pregnancy it is.

“Personally, I think are next child will come about biologically,” Derick told the cameras in a sneak peek, filmed a few months ago now.

Might they have achieved that goal?!

Some fans believe so, after the 25-year-old Jill revealed on her Instagram account that she was snacking on an unusual food ...

Jill Duggar Eating

“My hubby brought me one of my favorite #studysnacks green beans, salt and vinegar! Yes, you read that correctly!” Jill wrote.

We read that correctly ... and her followers remembered that green beans, salt, and vinegar was one of her main cravings with Israel.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?!

Meanwhile, Anna Duggar’s appearance on the most recent episode of Counting On has also sparked speculation that she’s pregnant ...

Anna Duggar's Possible Baby Bump

Many fans felt that they saw an Anna Duggar baby bump in full view, and she lamented that she cries often on Jana Duggar’s shoulder.

It's unclear whether her tears were related to pregnancy hormones, or her husband Josh’s sex scandals, or both ... but again. Makes you think.

If Anna is pregnant, the baby would be her fifth with Josh, and obviously her first since he was outed as a child molester and a cheater.

While that would be a genuine surprise, given all that they've been through, Jill Duggar getting pregnant feels like just a matter of time.

The family can be strategic when it comes to the timing of pregnancy announcements, as that's what drives the ratings, don't you know.

So while we'd still bet that there's only one new Duggar on the way, keep an eye out for Anna, Jill, or both of them dropping a baby bombshell.

Oh, we'd be remiss if we forgot Jinger.

Sweet, spunky, sassy, sort of rebellious Jinger recently got engaged to Jeremy Vuolo and has been breaking courtship rules like it's her job.

So, you never know. Just saying.

Jessa’s due date, meanwhile, is in February of next year, by which point little soon-to-be big brother Spurge will be about 16 months old. 

What do you think? Is anyone else carrying a future Duggar family member right now? Regardless, who will have a baby after Jessa? 

Comment! Stay tuned!

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