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Forget the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a true controversy to sort through now.

It is looking into allegations that Tamra Judge sent a topless photo of Vicki Gunvalson to a 15-year old girl.

Wait… WHAT?!?!?

Vicki Gunvalson Red Carpet Picture

Those who watch Real Housewives of Orange County online or on television likely remember when Vicki flashed a bunch of her friends and colleagues during a night out in Dublin.

This sort of incident is difficult to forget, right?

Gunvalson did so because she believed her nipples were uneven and castmate Heather Dubrow was FaceTiming her husband at the time, noted Botched plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow.

Vicki wanted Terry  to examine her nipples, naturally.

Her colleagues encouraged Gunvalson to pull her black bra down all the way and expose her bare boobs for the camera, which she went ahead and actually did:

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So that’s the backstory.

This is how the FBI has gotten involved in the seemingly harmless flashing incident:

According to production sources, Tamra Judge took a photo of Vicki topless and sent it to cast members and crew members, along with some snarky comments.

Somehow, this picture ended up on the social media account of an unnamed 15-year old girl, who promptly Tweeted it around.

A woman named Rosalie Coleman then saw the imaged and filed a complaint with the FBI, stating in her official document:

"Tamara Judge … sent a nude photograph of an acquaintance of hers (taken at a small gathering) to a FIFTEEN YEAR OLD girl & asked her to distribute it online in an effort to humiliate & harass one Vicki Gunvalson."

That’s quite the charge, isn’t it?

Judge has denied having anything at all to do with the scandalous picture ending up in the virtual hands of a teenage girl.

We’re inclined to believe her simply because… WTF?!? Why would Judge use a 15-year old to spread this picture?

And why would she think it would even embarrass Gunvalson, considering Gunvalson is the one who willingly flashed Bravo cameras for all to see?

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The FBI tells TMZ that it is looking into the strange controversy, but that it has not yet opened a formal investigation.

We hope it never does.

Because while we don’t think it’s appropriate for a 15-year old girl to be sent this sort of photograph, we don’t want to encourage other famous women from showing their breasts to the world.

Know what we mean?

Really, Mila Kunis, it’s okay. The Feds won’t give you a hard time if you go ahead and pull a Vicki Gunvalson…