Kim Zolciak Poses Nude with Her Three Daughters!

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If Kim Zolciak only has one talent -- which, let's be honest, it's really starting to look like this is the case -- it's getting people to talk about her.

She does it with her ridiculous reality show, Don't Be Tardy, she does it with her frequently outrageous Snapchat antics, and she does it with that face of hers that she keeps insisting is completely natural.

But this time, she's doing it with nudity.

Kim Zolciak and daughters nude

This is a little "behind the scenes" shot from a photo shoot Kim did for her skincare line, Kashmere Kollections.

And yes, that is Kim with her three daughters, Brielle, Ariana, and Kaia.

And yes, they all look to be naked.

"I must have done something right," she captioned the photo, adding three heart emojis. In the hashtags, she explained that these are "my three minis" and "my heart and soul."

Hilariously, she also included the hashtag "we are not naked so don't start."

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Body

Now look, it's not like we thought that Kim and her kids were literally naked in this photo, like they were all just chilling totally nude, all cuddled up together.

But it's undeniable that they were made to look naked. And that's weird.

Kim is a grown woman, she can do whatever she wants, and at 19, so can Brielle.

But Ariana turns 15 next week, and little Kaia will be three years old next month. They're children, and in the future they might not appreciate being featured in an ad like this.

Kim Zolciak: Bikini Pic With Daughters

As usual, the comments on Kim's photo are mixed. Some commenters are saying things like "beautiful family!" and "so gorgeous!" but some other commenters, if we're being honest, are being a little more real.

"Wtf," one wise IG user began. "This is not normal. Why would you want it to even come off looking like you are naked with your daughters? Dumbass."

One person kept it simple with "Nooooo," and another continued the trend with a short but sweet "creepy as shiz."

"Very poor taste," yet another commenter wrote, while another very eloquent lady posted "Um ew okay."

Kim Zolciak's Face

The point is that this was a weird thing for Kim to do, and it was weird for her older daughters to go along with it, and it was weird for other people not even in this bizarre family to come up with this idea or sign off on it or whatever nightmare chain of events led to this photo.

There are so very, very many ways to promote a skincare line that don't involve posing nude (or nude-ish) with your children -- but then again, those ways likely wouldn't get Kim as much attention as this will.

What a shame.

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