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Kim Zolciak isn’t exactly shy on social media.

In fact, at this point, we’ve seen nude Kim Zolciak almost as many times as we’ve seen nude Kim Kardashian. 

(Okay, maybe not that many times, but you get out point.)

Kroy Biermann with Kim Zolciak
Photo via Instagram

Of course, Kim Z. is usually the only one exposing flesh on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts, but she made an exception last night, much to her teenage daughter’s chagrin.

Kim posted a naked photo of her husband, (former?) NFL linebacker Kroy Biermann.

A little weird, since it appears she snapped the pic without his knowledge, but at least she censored it.

It could’ve been a lot worse, is what we’re saying.

Kroy Biermann Nude Photo
Photo via Snapchat

But don’t tell that to Kim’s daughter, Brielle Biermann, who was not too keen on almost seeing her stepdad’s ass on Snapchat.

Shortly after she posted the pic of naked Kroy, Kim snapped a screenshot of a comment from her daughter.

As you can see, she wasn’t too concerned about Brielle’s objections:

Brielle Biermann: Pissed at Kim Zolciak!
Photo via Snapchat

Now, Brielle considers Kroy to her father (to the point that she took his last name), so it’s not too surprising that she’s not big on seeing his scribbled out junk posted for public viewing.

But for one thing, it’s not like anyone can see anything.

And on top of that, Brielle complaining about risque pics on anyone else’s page is the height of the pot calling the kettle black. 

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t see Brielle in a bikini

Brielle Biermann's Butt in a Bikini

And as you can see, she doesn’t favor the most conservative poses or swimwear.

Which is fine; we’re certainly not complaining.

But is the photo of Kroy really anymore revealing?

If he didn’t know that Kim was posting the pic, then yes, what she did is decidedly not cool.

Otherwise, maybe Brielle just needs to chill.

This is a guy who made his living running around in Lycra pants, after all.

He’s been leaving little to the imagination for a long time.