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Kim Zolciak is back with another plastic surgery denial.

The reality star – who previously tried to debunk rumors of a nose job – shared a new selfie with Instagram followers last night in an attempt to shoot down a Radar Online claim that "top doctors" had come to the conclusion she’d undergone "a full facelift."

Zolciak’s straightforward response to this chatter?

This is ridiculous! Top doctors my ass! 

Kim Zolciak Face

The former Real Housewife of Atlanta added very defiantly: "I have not had surgery on my face period!!!!"

We want to believe you, Kim. We really do.

But you also claimed via Instagram last September that your body was all f-ckin you… only to later admit you’ve had work done on your boobs and other areas.

Plus, what about Botox? Oh, right, about that…

"I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with it," she told InTouch way back in 2009. "I do Botox…I started getting Botox when I was 25 for migraines. I recommend that to anybody."

Zolciak said in the same interview that she would "love a nose job" someday.

We don’t actually care of Zolciak has gotten work done, her surgical enhancement have helped her achieve one of the 19 best beach bodies in Hollywood.

We just don’t appreciate being lied to.