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OK, so Brielle Biermann, daughter of Kim Zolciak, is 19 years old.

She’s only 19, and she’s already been following in her mother’s footsteps by getting some seriously intense lip injections.

There are a lot of people who don’t think the lips are a good look, or who think that Brielle is too young to make any changes to her face.

And to those people, Brielle has a message.

Brielle Biermann middle finger

She posted that saucy little pic, along with the caption "to those who think I’ve ‘ruined’ my face. I love it keep it comin."

She also added a bunch of kiss emojis, so you know she’s serious.

It’s just a little pathetic though, because if Brielle really didn’t mind the criticism, she’d just, you know, live her life.

It’s a well-known fact that when you go out of your way to tell people you’re not bothered by something, you’re usually pretty damn bothered.

Brielle Biermann lips

Another telling little tidbit about all this is how Brielle got the injections in the first place because, as she said, "my lips are my biggest insecurity."

Some insecurities never die, it seems. Brielle’s lips these days are nearly as big as lips can get, but it looks like she’s still insecure about them.

Maybe that’s in part to her ridiculous mother.

Kim Zolciak and Brielle

In an interview earlier this year, Kim said that "Brielle bothered me for five years about her lips."

That would mean Brielle, who is honestly super gorgeous, felt bad about that one feature of hers since she was about 14. Sad, right?

"She was like ‘I hate my lips, I hate my lips,’" Kim continued. "So I’m like ‘then go fix them!’"

Because why do a little bit of parenting and try to show your kid how beautiful she is when you can just direct her to your plastic surgeon?

Kim Zolciak Gold Monokini Pic
(Instagram/Kim Zolciak)

"You only go around this planet once," Kim concluded. "If it makes her happy, so be it."

It’s also worth nothing that, according to rumors, Brielle’s had more than just her lips done.

Back in May, she posted a series of embarrassing Snapchat videos refuting those rumors, claiming that she’d only gotten lip injections and that any other changes in her appearance were simply due to growing up.

Brielle Zolciak on Insta

Hilariously enough, Brielle used Kylie Jenner as an example of the kind of "growing up" she was talking about.

"Look at Kylie Jenner," she said, "she looks like a completely different person and she says all she’s had done is her lips. Same with me."

Yeah, OK, Brielle. Sure. Sounds great.