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Donald Trump could be in more serious hot water with the latest, gross-out allegations that he’s a lecherous slime ball, and yes —  the same Donald Trump who has no respect for women

People reports that a former “Apprentice” cast member, Richard Hatch, said that that Trump’s motives were clear from the get-go to anyone who happened to be in his unfortunate path, and that even high-profile celebrities weren’t off the menu. 

Donald Trump, Fist Raised

Hatch said, “Watching him in the boardroom making sexual comments to Marlee Matlin, to all of the women on The Apprentice, it was obvious that that’s just a part of who he is.” 

Probably the best part, sadly, since everything else about him is approximately a million times even worse, not that it even seems possible. 

Hatch continued, “It was obvious and grotesque. It was blatant and it was frequent,” even naming Lisa Rinna as one of Trump’s many victims.

“He did it with whomever happened to be there at that time,” which also shows that Trump has zero discerning skills whatsoever. 

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It only got worse from there — because of course it did; where else could it go besides down? 

The report continued, “He went back and forth with Marlee. No matter how she responded, he would push it a step further with comments about her looks, and about what he thought of her, and how happy he would be to do something sexual with her.” 

Grossed out yet? You just wait. 

“It was a lot of innuendo,” Hatch claimed. “Far beyond the norm,” he continued, as if there’s supposed to be a norm with sexual harassment — which is exactly what this perversion is. 

If you weren’t in the know, Marlee Matlin is deaf, so yes. Donald Trump sexually harassed a deaf woman — through her interpreter. 

It can be done, apparently. 

“[Matlin] was with her interpreter,” the mole revealed, “and I thought, ‘Gosh, I wonder if he’s comfortable with this.’ ” 

The only people comfortable with something of that nature would be Donald Trump himself … and this is precisely why the world needs to know just what he’s like behind closed doors. 

You thought Bill Clinton was bad? Imagine Trump in office — it’d be a sh-tstorm of obnoxious, and other bodily functions on a daily basis. 

Trump’s camp denied the rumors — because of course they did — decrying Richard Hatch’s credibility entirely. 

“Marlee Matlin is such a nice person,” the statement read, “and Mr. Trump has great respect for her, but this report is completely false.” 

“Just take a look at Richard Hatch’s record, or lack thereof,” the rep asserted. 

Hatch spent time in jail in the early ’00s for not paying his taxes. 

Oops? Yeah, “oops” just about sums up this entire thing, including the presidential bid.