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Over the summer, Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard returned to Arkansas after spending the better part of a year doing missionary work in Central America.

The expectation among fans was that Jill and Derick would remain in the US for the foreseeable future.

After all, the couple’s former home in El Salvador had been quite literally plagued by the spreading Zika virus, making it unsafe for female residents to become pregnant.

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This was no short-term concern, either.

Health officials warned that women who had been living in Zika hot spots should avoid becoming pregnant for at least three years.

Some have doctors have since dialed back those concerns, but there’s still no consensus on when it will be safe for women who lived in affected areas to get pregnant.

The Duggars, as you probably know, believe that it’s their moral imperative to spread their religious beliefs by procreating as often as possible after marriage.

It’s partially for that reason that so many fans were shocked to learn that Jill and Derick are planning to leave the country again as early as this winter.

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Recent social media posts have given the indication that despite the fact that Derick is working as a substitute teacher in Jill’s hometown of Tontitown, the Dillards consider their time in Arkansas to be temporary.

It seems unlikely that Jill and Derick aren’t planning to have another kid in the near future, so perhaps they’re planning to adopt?

Not so much, if Derick is to be believed:

Derick tells the camera:

"Adoption is something Jill and I have talked about in the past, and we’re not sure what the timing would look like, or if it would happen right now."

"Personally, I think are next child will come about biologically."

Yes, it seems adoption is more of a far-off, abstract notion for Derick. When it comes to his second child, Dillard seems to be intent on reproducing biologically.

Even if that entails an element of risk.

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Considering how unlikely it is for a married Duggar woman to go three years without getting pregnant, we guess that means the Dillards will be rolling the dice in a big way.

And if they do return to Central America (as seems to be their plan), the likelihood that one or both of them will contract the virus will only increase.

Given that they plan to adopt a child one day anyway, one would think that it seems to make the most sense that they would do so for their next child.

Doesn’t it?

Then again, logic has never played a big role in the Duggars’ decision-making process … and they have a lot on their plate these days.

Like preparing for the End of Days. That’s no joke.

Perhaps knowing that the Rapture is imminent means they’re slightly less worried about debilitating diseases than most non-believers?

Who are we to say at this point, people.

Trying to get inside the minds of Jill, Derick and company is like attempting to understand why Anna would stay with Josh. It’s impossible.

All we know is that you can watch Counting On online to relive the Jill and Derick’s first trip to Central America and so much more now.

Scratch your heads along with us.