Farrah Abraham to Teen Mom Fans: I Love You But STFU!

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Ah, Farrah Abraham.

Between her fondness for getting naked and her emotional instability, you couldn't build a better reality star in a lab.

Unfortunately, the same volatility that makes Farrah such a compelling trainwreck can also make her a public relations nightmare.

Farrah Abraham SiriusXM 2013

You see, in 2016, there's a certain expectation that C to D-list celebs will interact with their fans on social media.

Generally, the powers that be encourage this, as it amounts to stars doing promotional work for free.

Unfortunately, everything Farrah touches to turns to PR fecal matter.

Today, for example, seemingly apropos of nothing, Farrah tweeted:

"I love all of you people, I don't give two drops of dried up pigeon sh-t on concrete how you feel about me."

Farrah Abraham: Kim Kardashian?

What possessed Farrah to believe that it would be a good idea to remind the people who made her rich and famous that she cares less about them than avian bowel movements is anyone's guess.

(Though she certainly gets bonus points for more poetic imagery than we would've expected from a woman who frequently seems to struggle with the basics of the English language.)

Anyway, we scrolled through Farrah's Twitter page so that you don't have to, but we couldn't locate the particular tweet that pissed her off.

However, her anger might have something to do with the fact that Ms. Abraham has had a pretty big day on the gossip blogs.

Farrah Abraham Up Close and Personal

The morning kicked off with news that Farrah's mother is engaged to some dude.

That's not a cause for ridicule in itself, but it's no secret that Farrah outright detests her mother, so the fact that she's pretending that she's overjoyed for the woman might have resulted in some acerbic tweets with Farrah's name on them.

In addition to that, there were some new revelations about Farrah's fight with Amber Portwood at a recent reunion show taping.

Namely that the whole thing was almost certainly fake.

Yes, production insiders have revealed that the fight was nothing more than a stunt to promote Farrah's new reality show.

Seems to us that rather than participating in WWE-like shenanigans in order to boost her career, she could try not publicly insulting her fans.

But what do we know?

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