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Rob Kardashian is under investigation for threatening Pilot Jones, the actor rumored to be the real father of Blac Chyna’s unborn baby.

Yes, this really happened; Rob made a threat, allegedly, that was serious enough for the LAPD’s Threat Management Unit to get involved.

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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that there is reason to believe that Rob physically threatened Pilot Jones, who’s been hanging with Blac.

The site claims Kardashian threatened to do Jones bodily harm.

Not coincidentally we’re guessing, the allegations come on the heels of photos that surfaced on Radar showing Blac and Pilot making out.

Those pics came on the heels of prior reports insinuating that Blac is cheating on Rob with Pilot Jones, who may have fathered her kid.

Oh, AND there’s talk of her Chyna faking the paternity test that supposedly put this matter to rest on the Rob & Chyna season finale.

So yeah. There’s a lot going on with these lunatics!

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According to TMZ, Pilot is quite scared at the moment.

The fear partly steams from a string of text messages, which include Rob telling Pilot, "Leave my wife alone. I’m not playing with you."

He and Blac aren’t married, but that’s beside the point.

Inside sources say there are other texts in which Rob threatens Pilot with physical harm if he doesn’t keep his distance from Blac Chyna.

However, as is often the case with a troubled reality star going off on a random actor who may be banging his girl, the threats are a bit vague.

Or "a little murky and general," as one source put it.

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If you watch Rob and Chyna online, you likely believed that the whole paternity test storyline was just contrived nonsense for ratings.

This would certainly feel like a safe assumption.

Blac and Rob had been dating for about 45 minutes at the time this was filmed, so how likely is it that she was stepping out on him?

Moreover, the result didn’t shock her at all.

"I know it’s Rob’s," she told her friends, all but admitting that this was a plot device. "I’ve only been with him since we started dating."

"It’s just to shut down rumors on the Internet."

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So much for that. It seems no one told Mr. Jones.

Earlier this week, Pilot demanded a new DNA test – one that isn’t filmed by E! or influenced at all by the machinations of Kris Jenner. 

Jones’ name has come up again and again with regard to Chyna’s pregnancy, and the pics of the two leaked this week make you wonder.

Do people who are "just friends" make out?

One Radar source claimed that Pilot and Chyna were still "hanging out" when she got with Rob, so maybe there is overlap after all.

Who, and what to believe in this saga?

We have no idea whether the original test was a fake, or if Pilot Jones is just making s–t up for attention, or some combination of both.

In any case, Blac is due November 16.

Yes, the baby – whomever the father is – is scheduled to arrive in a matter of weeks, ratcheting up the tension by a massive amount.

Meanwhile, she and Rob are not living together at the moment, so you can imagine what this is doing to an already fragile relationship.

Stay tuned.