Debra Danielsen Engaged! What Will Farrah Abraham Will Have to Say?

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True love springs eternal, or whatever it is "they" say. 

But everybody's entitled to love - even those affiliated with Farrah Abraham (but not Farrah herself, because Farrah is crap) - so we're going to go ahead and congratulate Farrah's mom, Debra Danielsen, on her reported engagement. 

Debra Danielsen and Boyfriend Photo

Debra's boyfriend is David, and she met him in an online dating site. 

A source told Real Mr. Housewife that Danielsen will, indeed, be retying the knot. 

"Debra is engaged to her boyfriend," the source revealed. 

Though the pair have only been on "a few dates," they're still said to be dead-set on getting married, even though it's a "fast-track engagement." 

The insider also revealed that details will be coming up on Teen Mom, and boy, we can't wait for Farrah's reaction to that

Farrah Abraham: Okkkkk!

To Debra's credit, her boyfriend seems like a normal guy.

One who's hopefully not planted by the Teen Mom production crew, is quite the looker, and in many shots on Deb's IG page, looks terribly dapper. 

The two are often pictured kissing and canoodling (sorry for, you know, that word's very existence), and are often dressed to the nines and traveling. 

It's good to see that Debra can at least have some semblance of normalcy despite Farrah "Behemoth Anal" Abraham being her daughter.

And MTV is being always up in her business, for that matter. 

Debra Danielsen and Boyfriend Picture

Truth be told, though, we're a little worried about Farrah's reaction, which is always over the top. 

Or rather, Farrah's on-screen portrayal of her reaction. 

Heaven knows that Farrah takes every opportunity to make Debra look like some kind of dumb ass every time she can.

Based on that, we just feel it in our bones that Farrah's not going to settle too well into this news ... for the sake of being reactionary, of course. 

By all means, Farrah probably couldn't care less about her mother, or her mother's personal life, or even her father, for that matter. 

Michael Abraham Photo

Farrah is the queen of exploiting situations to reflect her own personal acidity, so we're confident that this'll just be more fuel for the fire.

The never-ending fire that consists of Farrah's atrocities, past, present and future ... one can only imagine what the train wreck cooks up next.

Hopefully Debra can run away with this David dude and turn her back on both Farrah and MTV and never have to see any of their stupid faces again. 

That in itself would be a "happily ever after." 

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