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Remember how, just a couple of weeks ago, Amber Portwood revealed that she was considering getting some plastic surgery?

She tweeted "After losing weight I think it’s time to get my body back to where it should be. Mommy makeover is on my mind. We’ll see."

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She makes "mommy makeover" sound like a patented plastic surgery procedure, and it turns out it actually kind of is.

If you’re not familiar, one of those mommy makeovers usually entails a surgeon doing something with the breasts, a lift or an augmentation, and a tummy tuck, and sometimes liposuction is done as well.

It’s meant to correct all those fun changes that happen to a woman’s body during and after pregnancy — changes that some women aren’t comfortable with.

And, as it turns out, Amber isn’t comfortable. Or at least she wasn’t …

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She might be feeling differently about her body soon enough though, because just earlier today she tweeted that she’s in recovery after getting the plastic surgery.

"Had my mommy makeover and I’m now in recovery," she said. "If you want your post mommy body back or you’ve lost a lot of weight then I would recommend it. And thanks for all the love and support. I truly appreciate it. Sending all my love."

So … wow.

It all seems kind of sudden, but when you consider things, perhaps it’s not.

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After all, many women who undergo these mommy makeovers work at losing the baby weight first, which obviously is not always an easy task.

It’s clear that Amber’s worked hard at her weight loss, and it’s undeniable that she looks amazing these days.

And hey, if the big changes her body has gone through leaves her with some features that she doesn’t feel comfortable with, then more power to her for doing something to change that.

This mommy makeover sounds like a far cry from Farrah Abraham’s ass shenanigans, you have to admit.


As Amber tweeted today, "Everyone should feel good about their bodies. Losing a lot of weight isn’t easy. And your body sometimes changes. Thanks for the support."

And if you read about Amber receiving "support" and immediately thought about her awful douchebag jackass boyfriend, Matt Baier, and what kind of support he might be giving her, you’re not alone.

If Matt can abandon his own children, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for him to leave his fiancee after extensive surgery.

But according to Amber, he’s actually stepping up.

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"Wishing you a speedy recovery!" one fan said to her. "I bet Matt will take good care of you!"

And — again, according to Amber, to take it with a grain of salt, as much as she likes to defend him — "he’s doing a great job!"

So hey, let’s go ahead and send all the best wishes to Amber and her recovery, OK? She really, really deserves it.