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Farrah Abraham’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran will do just about anything to get himself in the public eye. 

That much was all but confirmed when he took to social media to trash the stars of Teen Mom OG, Farrah’s hit show.

There has been much drama throughout the most recent season of the MTV hit, but he took it to another level here …

Simon Saran Attends OK! Magazine's So Sexy LA
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The show still generates a lot of buzz on social media and Simon used that to his advantage when he unleashed a scathing rant on the stars of the show. 

Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney were first on his list and it was pretty bad. 

“No more houses, no more babies coming from the girl who didn’t know she was pregnant, but was slamming beers all day long,” Saran said on Snapchat.

There were a lot of rumors that Maci was drinking throughout her most recent pregnancy. 

This has never been confirmed, or denied. 

Maci Bookout interview with MTV UK

“If you give me three more beers I could have it done,” he said mimicking McKinney.

“Go take a shower dude. Go shower. We got a humongous house. Thank you MTV for our humongous house.”

This is no doubt a nod to the fact that MTV pays the Teen Mom ladies handsomely for their participation in the show. 

There would be no show without them, so MTV knows they have to part with cash to keep viewers keen on the show. 

Tyler Baltierra Gets Emotional Talking About Catelynn, Breaks Down

Simon then focused his efforts on Tyler Baltierra in the wake of Catelynn Lowell going to rehab for depression and anxiety. 

“The fakest tears you’ll ever see on TV,” he said.

“He’s trying hard too, look at that. Tyler you don’t have a job!”

Does Simon not realize that Farrah Abraham is worse than all of the other stars?

Maybe she’s forced him to hit out at her co-stars. 

That’s something that she would totally do. 

Farrah Abraham White Dress Peace Sign Pic
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Abraham, as you know if you watch Teen Mom OG online, pretty much prides herself in taking aim at her co-stars. 

She loves to make everyone feel her wrath. 

However, Farrah was not safe from his rant and Saran made it his mission to ridicule her. 

“Farrah decided to get lip injections right before the shoot,” he said.

“Baby what did you do to your face!”

That’s not what you say to your girlfriend, dude. 

Simon made it a full house by bashing Amber Portwood and Matt Baier. 

Amber with Matt Baier
Photo via MTV

“All of a sudden everyone is buying a house,” he said.

“Everyone got their MTV bonuses and got no jobs!”

He even dissed Matt for the whole office scene. 

“You actually need to have a job and do something with your life to have an office Matt!”

Maybe Matt just wants an office to keep all the documents from his lawsuits. 

There’s a thought. 

What do you think of Simon’s rant?

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