12 Most Fiery Feuds in Teen Mom History

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This may be hard to believe, but the women at the center of Teen Mom are not exactly the most stable individuals on the planet.

As a result, they've often argued with their kids... with each other... with their significant others... and with their family members.

But which feuds featured on this MTV reality franchise have been the most explosive? We're so very glad you asked:

1. Porn Goodness Sake!

Porn Goodness Sake!
Farrah Abraham was not part of the OG cast when the core four returned to MTV. When she did finally come back halfway through the season, Maci Bookout threatened to quit. "I don't judge Farrah or dislike her, but Bentley's in kindergarten," she explained of the sex tape maven. "So kids already ask him about being on TV. And now it's like, 'Oh, is your mom the one who did a sex tape? Is your mom the one who did a porn?'" After Farrah confronted her, Maci walked away, referring to Farrah as a "dog."

2. Ryan Edwards FTW!

Ryan Edwards FTW!
Bookout's baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, could not remain quiet after Abraham slammed his ex on Twitter. "I think when you take dick in your ass, you shouldn't be able to talk to anyone," he incredible wrote.

3. Talk About Poor Choices!

Talk About Poor Choices!
Remember when Abraham and Catelynn Lowell were best friends? Until the former explained how she was "very sad" to see her and Tyler Baltierra "make poor choices" by having a second child after placing their first daughter up for adoption. "Poor choices?" Baltierra shot back. "I don't recall making a porn to support my child lol."

4. Everyone Versus Farrah!

Everyone Versus Farrah!
Another time, Lowell mentioned how Abraham dissed them for not putting their kids on the cover of their books. "It's a slap in the face when you're coming at us on Twitter," Amber Portwood said, as Abraham responded. "There's no passive aggressiveness, I noticed something, and I voiced it."

5. It's Getting Ugly

It's Getting Ugly
Lowell and Abraham went at it once more when Abraham said her colleague has a "weight issue,”” to which Lowell replied: "Go ahead call me on my weight issues when u see me next time I'll look way hotter than u so get a life. At least I work to look good. I don't waste my money on plastic surgery!"

6. Snapchat Seen 'Round the World

Snapchat Seen 'Round the World
During an alcohol-fueled evening, Lowell, Portwood and Bookout went after Abraham on Snapchat. "We be stuntin on hoes," Portwood said, as Lowell toasted: "To Farrah, that f**king hoe b***h. Amen to that b***h!"

7. A (Mean) Word from Gary Shirley

A (Mean) Word from Gary Shirley
Portwood's baby daddy, Gary Shirley, once got in on the negative action when he called Abraham a "slut" during a reunion special. "What a pig," she tweeted. "You're horrible; go get mental help for Amber's sake."

8. Shirley, He Wasn't Serious

Shirley, He Wasn't Serious
Of course, Amber has gone at it with her ex-fiancé as well, bashing him once on Twitter after she watched her daughter say her house "isn't fun" like Shirley's on an episode. "Sounds like someone has been in Leah's ear," Portwood tweeted. "It was Gary saying things to her and she told me. Since then I've confronted him and it has stopped."

9. Crew You!

Crew You!
Remember this incident? The Teen Mom crew once found itself fighting with the cast because Abraham violently pushed producer Larry Musnik. "This gave you your start," Musnik screamed at Abraham, who fought with him about joining another show during filming. She replied: "Get the f-ck out of my property" before attacking him more.

10. Farrah vs. Drew!

Farrah vs. Drew!
Dr. Drew Pinsky once joked he would strangle the "frustrating" mother of one. She replied to his insult by telling Radar: "I know [sic] longer will credit Dr. Drew as a professional ethical Doctor. As well I will no longer have him around me for my health and safety due to his violent "strangle" actioning [sic]."

11. Ew, What Now?!?

Ew, What Now?!?
After Jenelle Evans scoffed at someone asking her if Matt Baier ever hit on her (“Ew, no!”she wrote) Amber Portwood saw the comment and fired at Evans: "Ew no?? Really well I'll see you in March sweetheart. Better watch your mouth around me."

12. How Dare Anyone Else Start a Website?!?

How Dare Anyone Else Start a Website?!?
After Chelsea Houska dared announced her own website, Evans slammed her former friend for taking her idea, since Evans also has a website. “monkey see monkey do…unreal,” Evans Tweeted, adding: “so over this show.”

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