Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney: See Their Engagement Pics!

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Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney are getting married in just a few weeks. 

We couldn't be more excited to see just how great the two of them look on their wedding day.

The couple have now released their engagement pictures and they're pretty spectacular. 

Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney Holding Each Other Close

Yes, they're a bit late, but they were totally worth the lengthy wait. 

The theme of the pictures was definitely vintage. 

Like most couples, Bookout and McKinney opted to use a them for their pictures. 

It certainly beats the bog standard pictures a lot of couples have taken. Right?!

Taylor McKinney & Maci Bookout Sip Bud light

In the above picture, the two are sipping Bud Light. 

Could this be a nod to the rumors that Maci was drinking throughout her most recent pregnancy?

If you recall, Taylor leapt to her defense when the rumors begun swirling about the drinking. 

He said something about the two of them liking Bud Light. 

Maybe their both trying to keep their bodies in shape for the upcoming nuptials. 

It would be a nightmare having clothing measured for a big day and not fitting into it. 

Taylor McKinney & Maci Bookout Reaching For Balloons

The above picture has a striking resemblance to a certain movie. Right?

Who wouldn't want to try flying with the help of a bunch of balloons?

Absolutely anyone would try it if they were given the opportunity. 

Taylor seemed ecstatic to rise to the occasion and go flying. 

Maybe he was trying to drag Farrah Abraham's ego back down to reality. 

Someone needs to do that. 

Taylor McKinney Holding Maci Bookout High In His Arms

The next picture involved the two Teen Mom OG stars dancing, or something. 

It's still super cute and all, but it would be great to know exactly what they heck they were thinking of with this one. 

This was one of the weaker pictures. 

Thankfully, the final one gave us all the feels, with the couple getting super close to each other. 

Taylor McKinney & Maci Bookout Close Together

What did you think of the pictures?

Hit the comments below!

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