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Back in February, when we first learned that Teen Mom star Maci Bookout was pregnant with her third child, some super-fans/Internet sleuths took it upon themselves to comb through her social media pics to figure out if they could somehow cast a dark shadow over her good news.

Maci Bookout interview with MTV UK

Not surprisingly, they quickly found the dubious dirt they were looking for.

It seems many of her Instagram followers are still under the impression that Maci drank alcohol while she was pregnant.

Maci initially remained silent on the subject so as not to attract more negative attention, but now that she’s given birth to son Maverick, Ms. Bookout is finally ready to tell the haters to step off.

"I never pay attention to any of the comments or press or anything like that, I never have," Maci said in a recent interview

"It’s kind of just a dark hole that I don’t want to get into, but you know, it was more important for me to know that everything with Maverick and the pregnancy was okay and that there were going to be no complications or issues,” she continued.

“So I mean, I didn’t really have time to really worry about what anybody else was saying.”

Maci added that those who know her know she would never DWI (drink while impregnated), so she felt no need to clear the air immediately.

“I mean, I know me, and everybody that really knows me, knows that I would not be drinking while I was pregnant," she stated.

"So like I said, it was important for me to know that the pregnancy was going to be okay and Maverick was just doing fine and luckily, everything was perfectly fine, and so that was a blessing.”

Seems like some of her co-stars could take a page from Maci’s book when it comes to dealing with haters.

Maci and the rest of the "original girls" make their return to MTV with the Teen Mom: OG season premiere on August 23.

Watch Teen Mom online to get caught up before then.