Nathan Griffith Reacts to Jenelle Evans Pregnancy!

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After weeks of issuing denials and intentionally misleading fans, Jenelle Evans revealed that she's pregnant with her third child last month.

While no one was exactly shocked by the news (Like we said, rumors of Jenelle being knocked up circulated for months before she finally admitted they were true), some fans were surprised on some level.

Evans' decision to have a child with David Eason when she seems to have such difficulty raising the children she already has?

Curious, to say the least.

Jenelle Evans Side Shot VMAs 2016

As she once proudly boasted on Twitter, Evans is eternally fighting two custody battles at once.

One of them is against her mother, who has primary custody of Jenelle's oldest son, 7-year-old Jace.

The other is against Nathan Griffith, Jenelle's former fiance and father of her other son, 2-year-old Kaiser.

That's a slightly more tense battle as Nathan has accused Jenelle of being on drugs and vice versa.

Both parties have told the court that they believe the other one is unfit to be a parent, and their current arrangement (that gives Jenelle primary physical custody of Kaiser) is sure to be contested soon.

Jathan Photo

Not surprisingly, fans have expressed curiosity regarding Nathan's thoughts on Jenelle's third pregnancy, but the volatile baby daddy has mostly remained quiet up to this point, possibly for legal reasons. 

(Family court judges tend to not look kindly on bashing one's ex on social media.)

Now, however, some eagle-eyed Teen Mom 2 fans have uncovered an Instagram post from back in May in which it appears that Nathan did comment on Jenelle's pregnancy.

And it seems that like so many of her fans, Nathan believed at the time that Jenelle was lying when she denied being knocked up.

Nathan Griffith on Jenelle Evans' Pregnancy

Griffith posted the above pic to Instagram in response to Jenelle's denial that she was expecting.

Of course, it's probably an old photo (there's no way Jenelle's bump was that big four months ago), but it's clear that Nathan is a bonafide Jenelle Pregnancy Truther.

He clearly believes that she lied to the public about being pregnant for several months for reasons that remain unclear.

And based on all of the available evidence, it seems that he's right.

Even after Jenelle's pregnancy was confirmed by a police report over the summer (police reports are the only thing more frequent than pregnancies in Jenelle's life) the Carolina Hurricane persisted in her claims that it was all an elaborate lie cooked up by the tabloid media.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more baffling decision making from Jenelle.

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