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She’s up the duff and much further along than initially thought.

Jenelle Evans Pink Filter Photo
Photo via Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans has deleted her Twitter account, but not before the internet was able to screen grab some interesting tidbits pertaining to her third pregnancy.

True, Evans hasn’t officially confirmed this pregnancy (the father is believed to be her boyfriend, David Eason), but the couple recently got into a car accident, and the July 6th police report states that Evans was ten weeks along at the time and "complaining of abdominal pains."

Before erasing her account, Evans slammed followers for not asking if she was alright after the accident.  

She was also insulted that no one congratulated her on her hypothetical pregnancy.

"Funny someone else comes out with news they are pregnant and the world is overjoyed," Evans wrote.

Barbara Evans: David Eason Held Jenelle Prisoner!!!

On Sunday, a text from Evans’ older brother, Colin was tweeted out, indicating that Evans is lying about her due date.

"LOL…That’s crazy…but why lie though? I know you told me 5 months but 10 weeks is just laughable.  I feel sorry for the baby will have Jenelle as her mother," the text read.

Apparently both Colin and Barbara Evans found out when the public did, but Evans still denies that she’s pregnant.

Evans claims that she doesn’t speak to either family member.  She did, however, spend July 4th with Babs, per an Instagram.

During a Teen Mom 2 special, Being Barbara, Evans live-tweeted about her estranged sister, Ashleigh.

"I don’t speak of or to her," Evans tweeted to fans.

"I tried being nice to her and this is what she does. She rolls with majority."

One fan commented that Ashleigh had nothing nice to say about her sister.

"Reason why my sister doesn’t even have my phone number or address. She’s always been jealous of me," Jenelle responded.