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At this point, it’s become clear that Teen Mom 2 afterthought Nathan Griffith will say and do anything to tarnish Jenelle Evans’ reputation.

He only seems to be hurting his own cause, however.

Nathan, Jenelle and Kieffer

We knew he would come out swinging on last night’s Teen Mom 2 reunion, but we’re still shocked at how much he crossed the line.

Moreover, we’re stunned at how well she handled it.

To say Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are involved in a custody battle – and that they do not like each other – is a massive understatement.

Nathan, who just got arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, and apparently has no license, sought to trash his baby mama publicly.

(Always a move the courts really respect. Just FYI.)

Denying that he slapped her around – something he’s been accused of more than once – Nate insisted instead that Jenelle is a cutter.

"All of these boyfriends are supposedly abusing her," he said. “Might want to show them that little cut on your wrist. You slit your wrists.” 

Griffith filed court papers in April claiming that Evans “threatened self-harm and/or suicide and did, in fact, slice her wrists with a knife.”

He then accused her of cheating on him with David Eason, her current boyfriend, and insinuated that the two of them are drug addicts.

With uncharacteristic calmness, Jenelle pointed out that her ex-fiance is a useless human who made outrageous sexual claims about her.

To his lawyer. Seriously. Watch:

Nathan Griffith to Jenelle Evans: My Son Lives With Two Drug Addicts!!

Jenelle mentioned casually that Nathan said she’s "painful" at sex in court documents, and asked him why that was relevant whatsoever.

He … had no response essentially.

Grilled on why he’d mention that in any sort of legal documentation, He of the Wannabe Man Bun was even more coherent than usual.

When he attempted to shame her for talking about her sex life publicly, Jenelle shut him down, apologizing for "no longer being with you."

As if that weren’t crazy enough, Nathan fat-shamed Jenelle (below) and ripped her for allegedly cheating again … this time with Kieffer Delp.

Yes … good ol’ Kieffah.

Did she really, though?

Incredibly, the original Teen Mom 2 bad boy is still in the picture, though only after she and Nathan split up for good, Jenelle insisted.

Nathan Griffith Calls Jenelle Evans a Fat Druggie on Teen Mom 2 Reunion

She responded, “We’re at my house. [Nathan] climbs in my bathroom window at 4 a.m. and bursts in my window after he moved out.” 

Evans’ mother, Barbara Evans, added that Griffith choked the s–t out of Kieffer when he caught them together during a “one-night visit.”

Really. This recently happened!

“Nathan was so angry he started choking Kieffer so bad he almost killed him. And then Kieffer left the next day and we never saw Kieffer again.”

But Griffith didn’t stop there, accusing the reality star of being a drug addict who shares a home with a known dealer in David Eason.

“You told CPS David was a heroin addict and sold heroin,” Evans said, refuting his claims that their son lives in an unsafe environment.

“I said you’re a repetitive heroin user and you’re living in the town you used to buy heroin from!” Nathan said, sinking lower by the minute.

We have no idea what to possibly add at this point, but when Jenelle Evans is the cooler head that prevails, that tells you everything.