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Farrah Abraham is at it again.

Farrah Abraham in yellow gown

No, we don’t mean the a Farrah Abraham sex tape sequel is on the way (at least not that we know of).

Instead, we’re talking about Farrah’s continued, passionate defense of her own sh–ty parenting.

Are we being too harsh on Ms. Abraham?

Perhaps, but it’s nearly impossible to defend some of her latest actions.

The most recent controversy involved Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, joining Snapchat.

Thankfully, the 7-year-old was kicked off the service after other users complained that she was posting late night videos asking people strangers to text her.

Farrah Abraham MTV Movie Awards Photo
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But of course, that’s far from the first time that Farrah’s parenting competency has been called into question.

Much of the criticism has revolved around Sophia Abraham’s "modeling career," which seems to have been Farrah’s idea.

As we reported earlier Farrah will appear on The Doctors this week, and in addition to going in-depth about her latest butt lift plans, she also found time to talk about her daughter.

Or, more accurately, she took the opportunity to defend all the terrible parenting decisions she’s been making lately:

Yes, Dr. Jen Berman fully went there when talking to Farrah about the example she’s setting for her young daughter.

"At that age I just, you know, it’s Toddlers and Tiaras, JonBenet Ramsey,’ Dr Berman said.

"I mean… it triggers such emotional feelings, at least in me, that we are so concerned about the outside appearances, at such an early age, it’s really, you know, the messages of that."

Granted, it’s weird for the doc to criticize child beauty pageants because a famous murder victim was involved with them, when there are so many more valid criticisms of child beauty pageants, but we see her point.

Naturally, Farrah shot back with some utter BS:

"I don’t really think it’s me being concerned about how I look or how my daughter looks," said Farrah – who’s on the show for a plastic surgery consultation!

Farrah Abraham and Daughter: Bound to The Crown Runway

"But she’s learning it from you! I hate to tell you," Dr. Berman said, admirably sticking to her guns.

Asked if she takes "accountability for anything" by Dr. Berman (who might be our new hero), Farrah replied:

"I’m an amazing parent. And that’s what I take accountability for. Oh my goodness!"

Surprisingly, she seems to actually be serious.

A good rule of thumb is: any time anyone tells you they’re an "amazing" anything they’re lying.

Look for our Amazing Farrah line of children’s books in stores this fall.

There are no illustrations, and every page just just says, "DON’T GROW UP TO BE LIKE FARRAH ABRAHAM!!!" in all caps.