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In news absolutely no one could’ve seen coming, Farrah Abraham is set to release the long-awaited sequel to her notorious “sex tape,” Backdoor Teen Mom.

The follow-up will be titled Farrah 2: Backdoor and More!

Abraham, who made her porn debut with James Deen last year when she tried to pass it off as a leaked sex tape with her “boyfriend,” swore she’d never do porn again.

So much for that.

Vivid confirms that Abraham’s new video won’t be billed as a homemade sex tape this time, but full on fantasy fetish porn. With James Deen banging her.

It is slated for release on February 13.

Abraham, of course, continues to be a walking, talking contradiction and possibly a pathological liar. Just last month claimed the sex tape “ruined my life”.

Sounds pretty rough. So much so that you’d think she’d never go down the road again. Especially when she said matter of factly that she wouldn’t

That’s Farrah Abraham for you, though. Sums it up well.

In the end, she seemed very happy to embrace and cash in on the Farrah Abraham porn persona following the release of Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.

At the same time, she also said she’s been drugged and raped several times as a result of the tape, so who’s to say what she believes at a given moment.

Certainly not us. But in any case, we gotta ask …

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape 2: You stoked?