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Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood is opening up in an interview about controversial fiance Matt Baier, and she isn’t ducking tough questions.

Rather, she focuses on the side of him people don’t see, and the man she says he’s become since they’ve gone through hard times.

Amber and Matt on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

If you read any celebrity gossip or watch Teen Mom: OG online, you know Baier’s mysterious past has come back to haunt the couple.

As if Portwood’s custody dispute and battles with sobriety weren’t enough baggage for a relationship, Matt’s could fill an entire airport.

Cosmopolitan asked Portwood about many of the issues we’ve seen play out this season so far on MTV, and on social media as well.

On Matt Baier hitting on Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans before meeting – and dating – Amber: "Honestly, he wasn’t trying to date them."

"He sent them messages pretty much telling them they’re beautiful and crazy stuff like that. There’s the truth and there’s what people want to believe."

Matt Baier on Dr. Drew
Photo via MTV

"What people don’t want to believe is that his friend Jazz, who he used to play poker with all the time back when he was an addict, took his phone."

"[Jazz] liked Farrah, he wanted to say, "Hey, come talk to me" … and that’s what Jazz told me. Do I believe it? Not really. Do I care?"

Asked if she believes this, Amber candidly says no.

"No, not really," Portwood acknowledges, but it doesn’t bother her, because "There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that this man loves me."

"This was all before [Matt and I] even started talking. That’s like when you’re with somebody and you say, "How many women have you slept with?"

"I’m not really mad about it or anything because I’ve been with the man for over two years, and we have a really good life together."

Matt and Leah
Photo via MTV

On why he says he wasn’t a fan of the show, when he clearly was: "It’s like, What else is he lying to you about? He always says that."

"I know he was a fricking fan. I swear to God, that man … "

"He’s just an older man who doesn’t want to admit that he watched Teen Mom because all of his friends would be like, ‘You’re such a freaking wussy.’"

Again, she’s strangely okay with all of this, and more.

On Matt getting into it with Teen Mom stars and fans online: "He used to say all that mean stuff about Jenelle and them [on Twitter]."

"I had to tell him, ‘You can’t do that shit because those are real people, and this affects their lives,’ and he stopped."

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"He was just kind of like that asshole sarcastic guy when I met him. This was when we first started talking. We hadn’t even met yet."

On Farrah Abraham warning her about Matt, as seen on Teen Mom OG premiere: "Well, I would definitely give her credit for that."

However, Amber cautions, "she never told me we were filming at the time, which is like a big no-no when you’re in this industry."

"I don’t know if it was quite genuine, but if it was, I think that’s a big moment for Farrah to show some emotion toward another person finally."

"I appreciated it. But the way it went kind of bothered me."

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While Farrah may have redeemed herself (somewhat) in her mind, Amber says Matt never had to embark on such a journey.

On whether Matt is seeking redemption in Season 3 with storylines like Baier’s son moving in: "We never sought to get redemption."

"We’re just kind of living our lives and doing what we think is right. For me, I don’t care as much about the redemption."

"I feel like I’ve shown and proven who I am today compared to before, but it’s really hard on him because nobody’s giving him a chance."

According to Amber, all Matt wants is to show viewers: "This is what really happened. Was I an asshole? Yes. Did I lie about things? Yes."

"But this is me today with Amber. We’re very happy. I think people need to open up their minds and accept that people can change."

"He’s really a great guy who does nothing but take care of me."