Josh Duggar Makes Rare Public Appearance, Outrages Fans

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For obvious reasons, Josh Duggar doesn't get out much these days.

Last year, the dueling Josh Duggar sex scandals made the disgraced 28-year-old the biggest pariah in the history of reality television.

That's saying a lot, but it's pretty accurate, and as a result, he's kept a very low profile in order to avoid being pelted with rotten produce.

Josh Duggar Photograph

The former lobbyist and reality star is so hated by fans that in order to ensure that they would be able to return to TV, the Duggars had to promise that Josh would not appear on Counting On.

They even shipped Josh off for 6-months in a faith-based rehab facility in rural Illinois to be treated for addictions to sex and pornography.

But now, the prodigal predator has returned to Arkansas, and he's gradually reintroducing himself to the public.

Not surprisingly, the public isn't too thrilled about it.

Jim Bob and Josh Duggar Picture

Josh made his first post-rehab appearance at a mini-golf course over the summer.

Probably about the least appropriate place for a known child molester to pop up, but the Duggars aren't exactly known for being in touch with what the rest of society thinks.

Anyway, Josh is still trying to gradually introduce himself to the world, but for the time being at least he's given up on trying to do it in the presence of strangers.

Josh Duggar Public Appearance Photo

That's Josh on the far left with son Marcus sitting atop his shoulders.

Anna Duggar is standing in front of him, so we guess all that talk about Anna finally leaving Josh has been BS.

Sigh. And we thought someone in this family might actually cut this monster off the way he deserves.

The photo was taken at a birthday party for Sierra Jo Dominguez, an Arkansas wedding planner and member of the Duggars' church.

We're sure she's the envy of all other Arkansas wedding planners for being friends with the Duggars.

That's a whole lot of clients.

Anna, Josh Duggar

Anyway, it's not like we expect Josh to stay in hiding for the rest of his life.

(Certainly would've been nice if he'd served some prison time, but that's a discussion for another time.)

So we guess his family can't be criticized for taking the guy to a party.

Still, there's something about his face that reminds us of all the horrific things he's gotten away with.

Instagram has a policy against showing boobs, but they still won't censor Josh Duggar from a pic.

What a world we live in.

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