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Great news, everybody: Teen Mom is giving us some happy feelings for a change!

While Farrah Abraham is crying over her douchebag boyfriend and Jenelle Evans is, you know, existing, Chelsea Houska continues to be the best Teen Mom of them all.

Chelsea Houska Looking Great

Chelsea continues to be the cutest Teen Mom, too — and that’s because she just might be getting married this weekend!

Yes, according to rumors, Chelsea is marrying her absurdly handsome boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, tomorrow.

The wedding will be in good ol’ South Dakota, and it will surely be charming and romantic and just so very beautiful.

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And just in case you’re cautious about getting your hopes up, know that there’s solid evidence these rumors are true.

Chelsea posted this photo on Instagram, explaining that this is her sister and that she’d just arrived from Florida.

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The sister posted a photo of her own as well, one of her children with Chelsea’s seven-year old daughter, Aubree.

Now, why would Chelsea’s sister come all that way with a couple of young kids in tow?

Probably to see her little sister get married, if we had to guess.

Chelsea shared another telling photo, one of some flowers she received from Cole.

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"I don’t know what I did to deserve this man," she wrote in the photo’s caption, "but I am thankful every single day. @coledeboer beyond proud to be able to call you my husband soon! My favorite flowers, sunflowers and proteas."

So she’s excited about being able to call Cole her husband "soon" … but how soon? Inquiring minds and impatient hearts need to know.

We’re just so pumped about Chelsea’s wedding because she deserves it so much.

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After all, she made the terrible mistake of getting involved with Adam Lind, and now she has to pay for that for the rest of her life.

Adam was absolutely awful to her, so for her to find a great (and attractive) guy like Cole, it’s just a lovely little happy ending.

Of course, we’re also looking forward to Chelsea’s wedding because she’s about halfway through her pregnancy now.

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Can you imagine how precious that baby bump will be in a wedding dress?

Yeah, it’s safe to say that we’re looking forward to this.