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Leah Messer’s drunk night out with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert may have dominated social media during last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, but Chelsea Houska and her daughter, Aubree, are garnering lots of attention today for a very different reason.

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In one of this season’s most poignant scenes, Aubree’s mother asks her if she’s looking forward to spending more time with Cole De Boer after he and Chelsea get married.

The 6-year-old replies that she’s excited about playing with Cole, because that’s what father figures do, adding, “Except my real dad. He doesn’t play with me. Cole will.”

Like just about everyone watching the show at that moment, Chelsea’s heart was clearly broken, and she slammed baby daddy Adam Lind as a negligent, irresponsible dad and all-around awful human being:

“If I were to bring it up to him and say, ‘She said this, she’s hurt,’ he would blame it on me,” Houska told her mother. “No matter what you say, it’s not his fault. She’s going to feel like she’s not good enough. Don’t be a piece of s–t.”

She went on to speculate that Aubree’s life would be better and easier if Lind were to disappear from it altogether.

“Why not just go away?" she says at one point. "He’s only making things worse.”

This is far from the first time that Chelsea has criticized Lind’s parenting, but it is the first time she’s suggested that he remove himself from his daughter’s life.

Sounds like Adam may have yet another legal battle ahead of him.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just how badly he sucks as a dad.