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Like all of the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise, Chelsea Houska has made her share of mistakes over the years.

Actually, she just made one big mistake named Adam Lind. 

But it was a doozy.

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Anyway, she might have gotten knocked up by the lamest baby daddy in the Teen Mom franchise (which is really saying something), but Chelsea has also done more to better her situation and carve out a stable life for herself than any of cast member.

These days, Chelsea is engaged to Cole De Boer and co-parenting with Lind as peacefully as possible.

She’s also expecting her second child, this one (thankfully) by Cole.

Chelsea has been offering regular updates to her 3.8 million Instagram followers.

For the most part she gushes about how excited she is, but she’s also admitted that she’s nervous about raising a second child.

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Today, Houska posted the above pic to announce that she and her forthcoming bundle of joy have reached an exciting milestone.

“Half way there,” Chelsea captioned the photo. “I swear my belly is growing by the minute!” 

According to other posts, Chelsea is now at the 20-week mark.

The baby is reportedly due in February of 2017.

Despite her candidness with fans, Chelsea has yet to reveal the gender.

Some fans claimed that Houska gave the gender away in a photo in which she revealed the color scheme of her new nursery, but Houska insists she stuck with gender neutral colors so as not to make any accidental reveals.

She says she’ll eventually spill the beans via a photo shoot or at a gender reveal party (that will presumably be captured by TM2 cameras).

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Proving that they’re adulting on a level that other Teen Mom couples can only dream of, Houska and De Boer bought a house together back in April.

One of the first things they did was set up a baller nursery for the newest addition to their family.

Seems like regardless of its gender, this kid will be entering a pretty awesome situation.

Meanwhile, 7-year-old Aubree is still stuck with Adam Lind as a dad.

Sometimes life’s just not fair.

But hey, at least she has De Boer for a step-father.

Kinda evens the score.