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After months of denials, we learned that Jenelle Evans is expecting her third child in the most Jenelle Evans-y fashion possible.

A police report revealed that Evans is pregnant, but Jenelle being Jenelle, she continued to deny it – for reasons that still remain unclear.

It wasn’t until she was able to make the announcement on her own terms – via an Instagram photo shoot, of course – that Jenelle saw fit to finally confirm what fans had already known for quite some time.

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Hey, if ya got it, flaunt it.

"It," in this case, being a baby bump, which is to the ladies of the Teen Mom franchise what a new set of butt implants is to the Kardashians.

Not surprisingly, Jenelle has been taking full advantage of the ramped-up public interest in her personal life in recent weeks.

We saw Jenelle naked and pregnant (which should really be the title of a Naked and Afraid-style Teen Mom 2 spinoff).

And the baby bump selfies show no signs of letting up.

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The latest features Jenelle in a t-shirt, which seems to be her new favorite.

She snapped the above selfie, along with a caption reading:

"I think I might just film in this shirt … so comfy lol"

Really testing the limits of "lol" believability there, but we digress.

Jenelle Evans Side Shot VMAs 2016
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So we can learn three important things from this selfie:

1. Jenelle is super pregnant these days (no word on her due date, which she may be keeping under wraps per instructions from producers).

2. Jenelle loves t-shirts (or at least that particular t-shirt).

3. Jenelle is currently filming Teen Mom 2 Season 7B.

Yes, what should be Season 8 is being called Season 7B for legal reasons.

David Eason Kisses Jenelle Evans VMAs 2016
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It seems that the Teen Mom baby daddies who want to quit the show (Adam Lind and Jeremy Calvert) can be roped into sticking around for another season if it’s technically an extension of the previous one.

They’re being forced to spend another year making six figures by doing what they would be doing anyway, but with cameras around.

Is there no justice in this world?!

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all of Jenelle’s most ridiculous moments.