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Another day, another sad story about Farrah Abraham.

Sure, sometimes the stories are less sad as in "tragic" and more sad as in "awww, I fear for the future of the human race," but still, Farrah inspires a frowny face at nearly every turn.

This time, the Back Door Superstar is kind of actually breaking our hearts a little bit in a new clip from Teen Mom OG.

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Farrah, bless her simple, scary little heart, is having some doubts about her relationship with Simon Saran — imagine that!

In the video, Farrah calls Simon "unstable," and if that’s not the perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black, then who even knows what is.

"I don’t want him around in my life," she says as she starts to tear up, "and I think he’s a negative person, and I cannot stand it."

That was what she said when her father asked her if she was finally, at long last, done with Simon. She sounds pretty certain of herself here, and she seems to imply that yes, she’s done with Simon.

And thank goodness.

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Simon is really just awful. Like, yes, Farrah is the worst, but there’s no reason to throw his own grossness on top of hers.

He’s smug, selfish, and rude, much like Farrah.

Remember last week when he went on that bizarre rant about Farrah’s fellow Teen Moms?

He made fun of Tyler for crying about Catelynn’s mental health problems, saying Tyler’s tears were "the fakest tears you’ll ever see on TV."

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He also made remarks about Maci’s last pregnancy — "no more babies comeing from the girl who didn’t know she was pregnant, but was slamming beers all day long" — and about Amber and her boyfriend, Matt Baier, and their business of flipping houses.

And that’s not even touching on the sketchiest thing about Simon: the fact that his ex-girlfriend once filed a restraining order against him.

Court documents surfaced last year that revealed some pretty intense accusations against Simon. His ex claimed that he was verbally abusive towards her, and that he stole money from her and even threatened to kill a friend of hers.

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So yes, it would be absolutely wonderful if Farrah decided to cut Simon out of her life, but we have to remember that Farrah’s revelation here happened all the way back on Mother’s Day, which was several months ago.

Since then, Farrah has definitely spent time with Simon, and while she said as recently as last month that she’s not dating him, we all know how fast their relationship status can change.

Farrah needs to be done with this guy, and seriously done with him, not just "he’s a negative person but I’m going to keep him around because I have emotional problems" done with him.

It really shouldn’t be this difficult of a decision.