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Pretty Little Liars is going off the air.

Earlier this week, the cast and crew confirmed that Season 7 will mark the end of this drama’s impressive run.

But you didn’t think it would sign off without shocking its audience a few more times, did you?

Pretty Little Liars are Shocked
Photo via Freeform

Specifically, Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 followed through on the show’s pledge to shock its audience three times.

FIRST, with #PLLDeathTrap trending throughout Tuesday evening, a significant character really did meet his demise.

We’ll start there:

An angry Noel and a gun-wielding Jenna lured the Pretty Little Liars to a school for blind students, igniting a fatal showdown in the process.

When all was said, done and bloody, it was the very handsome Mr. Kahn (and his gorgeous eyebrows) who literally fell on his own sword axe.

Despite the many times we’ve witnessed characters coming back from the dead, we’d have to imagine he really is gone.

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 Online
Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10 Online

Those who watch Pretty Little Liars online or who saw the midseason finale live on Freeform also had their jaws crash to the ground when Spencer got shot.

We closed the episode on this troubling note:

Spence dead?

Come on, though, does anyone really think Spencer is dead?

SECOND, Alison is pregnant!!!!

This was fairly easy to see coming, although Alison subsequently throwing herself at Emily after the major reveal was unexpected.

Paige wasn’t happy about this development, but we’re cool with it.

THIRD, the identity of Mary Drake’s secret baby was revealed.

And it’s… SPENCER!

Mary came out with this nugget herself while cradling a bleeding Spencer in her arms.

Elsewhere on an intense midseason finale:

Nicole ended up being one of the hostages rescued in Colombia, with Aria watching her romantic reunion with Ezra on the news over and over and over again.

Caleb absolutely went off on Hanna for lying to the group, yet their lovers’ quarrel quickly turned into a fireside sex session.

Spencer went on a date with Marco, but clearly still loves Toby. They shared a passionate kiss on the latter’s way out of town… only for Toby to get into a car crash in the episode’s final moments.

So that’s it for now.

We need to wait all the way until next spring for the concluding 10 episodes to air.

How will we make it?!?

By speculating over all we want to see answered before Pretty Little Liars says goodbye forever, of course.

What tops your list?