Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Who's Over?!

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On Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episode 9, would one of America's most beloved, long-lasting reality TV couples part ways forever? 

No, but Caila Quinn and Jared Haibon did. BURN!!

It was a short run for Caila, the woman many believed would be The Bachelorette, and the "sex panther" who once wooed Ben Higgins.

But after Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 Episode 9, she revealed that she and Jared are no longer together, despite a terrific adventure.

"Unfortunately, we just weren't the right fit, and there were other forces (that) contributed," Caila shared on After Paradise with Sean Lowe.

Was the infamous Ashley Iaconetti a factor?

"We just couldn't really get past Paradise, and friends call him often," said Caila, leaving us with zero clue what that means.

"And, he answers and things were brought up that we couldn't really let go of, and (that) made it really hard to move forward."

She did admit that Ash evokes fear. Dread.

Ashley Iaconetti Pic

"You can feel when someone hates you. You can feel daggers in someone's eyes," she revealed. "She just liked to poke fun at me."

"It was coming from a place of hate and pain."

Yes ... hate and pain. Like a true TV villain!

To hear Jared tell his side of the story, "We had a lot of great moments, but some bad moments too, and some really difficult conversations."

Jared said that he is still good friends with Ashley I., and that he's expressed frustrations to her about things that happened on the show.

Then Ashley Iaconetti herself took the stage.

Clearly, this was better than any of the drama you'll see if you watch Bachelor in Paradise online, because it's even more awkward.

And live. It is also live.

Ashley, who labeled Caila as a "faker person" (our favorite) as well as a robot, a backstabber and much more, took it all back last night.

Mostly. She certainly didn't like being in the hot seat.

"I think a lot of things happened off camera that I’m not going to go into right now, but I am sorry for calling her the names that I did."

"That was emotional vomit to be honest," she said, fighting back tears ever so slightly it appeared, with some level of sincerity even.

"I shouldn't have said what I did," she added.

Well, that was the highlight of the night there.

The two-night Bachelor in Paradise finale airs next week, when we can expect Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton engaged on camera.

As for the meathead's longtime rival, we know Nick Viall is The Bachelor next season, hilariously, so won't be leaving Mexico with a fiancée.

Probably. Would be quite a twist if he did.

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