10 Reasons Pretty Little Liars Needs To End

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Pretty Little Liars was one of the better teen dramas on the air a few years ago, but it's just fading into mediocrity these days. 

There have been far too many incarnations of A and it's pretty much apparent that the liars are going to be taunted all the way through their life and it's just pretty silly. 

Have a look at our reasons why the show needs to come to a close. 

1. They Messed With The Couples

They Messed With The Couples
Spaleb may have been a decent couple, but the writers were obviously running out of ideas when they thought of this pairing. What was the point of building relationships for six years to have them crash and burn in one episode?

2. Who Is The Real A?!

Who Is The Real A?!
There have been far too many incarnations of A for us to care about the reveal of Uber A.

3. Plot Holes Galore!

Plot Holes Galore!
When A was revealed to be CeCe, we were told that Toby's mother was killed by Bethenny when Charlotte was 12 years old, but a flashback on a Season 4 episode proved this was totally wrong.

4. The Ladies Are Ready To Move On!

The Ladies Are Ready To Move On!
The show is Freeform's number one show... even with a downturn in the ratings. The gals just seem bored of the show and haven't signed on for another season. They're ready to move on to burgeoning movie careers. Let them!

5. The Masks!

The Masks!
This mask is just a little too real and it's probably not even possible to replicate in real life.

6. There's Twins!

There's Twins!
The show sure loves twins, but the introduction of Mary Drake was just so farfetched. Like, how many twins are there in Rosewood?!

7. Horrible Characters

Horrible Characters
Sara Harvey has got to be the worst character on all of television. The thing is, there are other characters that are just horrible in Rosewood.

8. There's Too Much Filler

There's Too Much Filler
The pace of the show has slowed down considerably. We wait far too long for reveals and even when they occur, they ain't all that.

9. Characters Disappear

Characters Disappear
There's nothing worse than characters that are loved, but just disappear for seasons at a time. Jenna is one of many of those characters and it's just silly to have her keep popping back up for nothing.

10. The Moms Are More Fun

The Moms Are More Fun
The episode before the latest A reveal had the mothers get drunk and go sleuthing. It was the funnest episode of the show a long time. They should be leading the charge these days!

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