McKayla Maroney: Bikini Pic Prompts Boob Job Rumors

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As you watch the US women's gymnastics team dismantle rivals at the 2016 Olympics, you may find yourself wondering about the absence of one of the 2012 team's most high-profile competitors.

McKayla Maroney Cleavage Selfie

McKayla Maroney chose not to participate in the Rio games for reasons that are still not entirely clear.

Maroney's explanation is that she's focusing on launching her music career.

Seems to us that the burst of front-page exposure that comes with competing at the Olympics would be a great way to help one's chances of succeeding in a highly-competitive field, but sure, we'll buy it.

In the end, we guess it doesn't matter, as McKayla is still receiving plenty of attention these days.

You see, in addition to being one of our nation's most gifted gymnasts, McKalya is super hot and enjoys posting photos like the one below:

McKayla Maroney Bikini Image

Not surprisingly, this particular photo has received a lot of attention on Instagram.

The first round of comments were mostly along the lines of daaaaaaayum!

Then things took a weird turn as rumors that McKayla got lip injections began to make the rounds on social media. 

Maroney assured fans that her lips are totally natural, but shortly thereafter, a new round of unfounded speculation left the meme star characteristically unimpressed.

Many fans are now under the impression that Maroney has undergone breast augmentation.

It may sound ridiculous (and it probably is) but Radar Online has consulted with a few of those, "I've never met this celeb, but I'm gonna diagnose her anyway" doctors who claim that in this case, the fans know what they're talking about:

Dr. Michael Salzhauer (aka, "Dr. Miami," and if that doesn't fill you with confidence, we don't know what will), was first asked about McKayla's lips

"I believe she has had filler to her lips a la Kylie Jenner," he told Radar. "Most likely Juvederm."

"Is that McKayla Maroney or a Kardashian?" chimed in a weirdly snarky Dr. Anthony Youn. "A touch of Botox under her eyebrows may be the source of her arched, higher brows as well."

Dr. Zara Harutyunyan  stated that "her breasts look larger, but that can also be because she is not training aggressively and has gained weight. Or she could've undergone a breast augmentation."

The good Doc Miami added: 

"It's definitely possible she's had a breast augmentation, taking her from a B to a C. They fit her frame well."

So there you have.

McKalya had a bunch of work done. Or she didn't.

"What am I, a doctor?!" - Dr. Miami (probably)

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