McKayla Maroney: Angry Fans Not Impressed With Her Trout Pout

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It's all fun and games until someone breaks out the Juviderm.

Olympian/sass mouth star McKayla Maroney has made some (let's call them) "updates" to her look.

Namely, her ample cleavage and very full pout.

The former gymnast (who will not be competing in Rio next month) shocked fans over the weekend during Olympic trials.

McKayla Maroney USA Tube Top Photo

NBC4 Los Angeles accompanied Maroney to a Long Beach, CA home where she surprised a group of young girls watching the trials.

She cheered along with the girls when two of her former teammates were announced as part of Team USA.

Maroney, who had undisclosed health issues, currently lives in Los Angeles where she's pursuing a music career.

She's also appeared on Heart of Dixie and Bones.

'I'm just ready to put my worth and value into something else," she told NBC4's Vikki Vargas.

"I'm just ready to be excited about something else. I just got so bored with being unhealthy."

Fans who remember Maroney from the 2012 Summer Games were supremely bummed to see the changes to her face.

"It's so sad to see what you have turned into since the last Olympics," one female wrote upon seeing her in 2016.

"I am a former competitive gymnast and I looked up to you."

Another doozie:

"Sooo the resting b***h face girl from 2012, McKayla Marone [sic]... she um looks different now."

One female fan in particular was offended by Maroney's new look:

"We had to do a book report in 4th grade on someone we admired."

"I did mine on you. You were more beautiful then than you are now and I wish you realized that before you messed up your face and only focused on showing your boobs."

Of course, for every shaming comment, there's a compliment (kind of).

"Dang there you are McKay Lay, where you been hiding those sexy lips?"

Welp, take it or leave it, the 20-year-old Maroney and her lips are probably sticking around for the foreseeable future ...

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