Vin Diesel: Hated On by Fast 8 Crew!

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In the ongoing feud between Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel, the cast and crew of Fast 8 appears to have chosen a side.

And it can best be summed up as follows:

Vin Diesel, The People's Choice

Dwayne Johnson rules. Vin Diesel drools!

We paraphrase, but this is the basic summation of an update on the rivalry by TMZ.

First, a rehashing of event recent is in order:

Earlier this week, Johnson went off on an Instagram tirade against at least one unnamed male co-star on Fast 8.

He made a point of saying his female colleagues were great and awesome and professional throughout the shoot.

"My male co-stars however are a different story," he mysteriously added.

Johnson went on to call one of them out for being a "candy ass" and for being "chicken sh-t" and for not acting like a "true professional."

As you might expect, the rant created quite a stir because it was so out of character by Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson on Fast 8 Set

From there, Tyrese Gibson shared his own social media message, saying he loves Johnson like a brother and emphasizing that the two have never had a beef.

Insiders, meanwhile, told TMZ that Johnson had many issues with Vin Diesel during filming. 

That's who Johnson was calling out.

And now TMZ has gone more in-depth on this unexpected feud.

Production sources tell the gossip website that Johnson was displeased with Diesel's work ethic for several weeks... and he wasn't alone.

Members of the crew clam Diesel would often just show up a half hour late to set; not because he wasn't around, but because he refused to leave his trailer.

Along these lines, Diesel hated 7 a.m. call times on Monday.

So the entire production was forced to push everything back three hours on those days.

Moreover, sources tell TMZ that Diesel was beyond arrogant. He wouldn’t listen to anyone and would openly criticize the acting of others.

Vin Diesel at the All-Star Game

What about Johnson?

Take all of these Vin Diesel issues... and think the opposite.

Johnson was the "ultimate professional" on set, TMZ writes.

He was on time, he was friendly, he nailed his scenes and he got along with everyone.

The following Instagram video would seem to drive this point home:

A video posted by therock (@therock) on

After Johnson called Diesel out on Monday, the stars allegedly sat down for a discussion in Johnson's trailer on Tuesday.

But little got resolved.

When Diesel completed shooting on his scenes for Fast 8, he left the production area as soon as he could.

In his Instagram missive, Johnson acknowledges "conflict" with the Fast 8 "family," but concludes:

“At the end of the day me and #F8 co-stars all agree on the most important thing: Delivering an incredible movie to the world. #Fast8 #IcemanCometh #FamilyGrowth."

The Rock vs. Vin Diesel
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