Big Brother Recap: The Downfall of Paulie's Game!

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If you watched the recent double eviction episode of Big Brother, it was clear there was a whole lot of the drama from the events leading up to the eviction missing. 

This made the double eviction episode a little difficult to follow because we didn't know exactly what went down to make all of the houseguests look furious. 

CBS gave us the opportunity to witness it all go down on the most recent episode of Big Brother and it made for a tough hour of television. 

Paulie Calafiore

It all started when Natalie realized that Zakiyah was being ridiculed by Paulie behind her back. Add in the fact that Paulie has made countless comments about her physique, Natalie was not impressed. 

She went to Zakiyah and told her that Paulie played a part in her being on the block. This made Zakiyah cry, but she ran straight to Paulie to confront him. 

Paulie was shocked that someone actually went behind his back, and went straight to James to let him know that he would have to target Natalie. 

Paulie could have left it all there, but he decided to taunt Natalie by letting her know she would be going out the house straight after Michelle. He looked deranged whenever he said anything to her. 

Natalie Negrotti

It was pretty scary. 

All of the drama led to a house meeting that included Paulie making several comments about Natalie's breasts. It was so clear Paulie knew his game was coming to an end, so he used personal attacks to make himself feel better. 

Paulie clearly let all of the power go to his head and thought he was invincible, but he seemed to forget that the game was getting to the stage in which his all-male alliance would need to split up. 

That's why PP had to break up. Paul knew he would feel more safe with Victor in the mix because Paulie had deals with everyone else in the house. 

It was a smart game move for Paul to let Victor win the HOH because they had already agreed to put Paulie and Corey up on the block. 

Nicole's name was thrown out, but she won the super safety care package, so they couldn't. 

Nicole went crazy with Michelle about calling her out on national TV. Michelle kind of shrugged it off. 

Victor nominated Paulie and Corey!

Paulie Calafiore
Corey Brooks

The power has officially shifted in the Big Brother house and the season looks like it's going to get pretty good with the power coming back up for grabs. 

Will Paulie be able to find a way to save himself?

We'll need to tune in to find out!

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