12 Big Brother Houseguests We Loved... Or Loved to Hate

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Big Brother is finally back for Season 18 on Wednesday June 22. 

It's going to be the longest season yet, running 99 days. 

The cast has already been released, but there's word that there will be some returns from prior seasons to help stir up the drama. 

With the show running for all those seasons, there are a lot of houseguests that divided fans of the show. 

Remember Rachel Reilly? She competed in two seasons of the veteran reality series, but we loved... and hated her. 

We've compiled a gallery of 12 houseguests that we loved and/or hated.

1. Rachel Reilly - Season 12 & 13

Rachel Reilly - Season 12 & 13
Rachel Reilly was one of those people that was nice when other people were in power, but as soon as she got power, her demeanor changed completely. She managed to beat out the other competitors to win the money in Season 13.

2. Aaryn Gries - Season 15

Aaryn Gries - Season 15
Aaryn came across as a sweet girl when she appeared on Big Brother, but all of that changed when she and some of the other houseguests outraged America with racial remarks about some of the other houseguests.

3. Elissa Slater - Season 15

Elissa Slater - Season 15
Rachel Reilly's sister appeared on the show and houseguests quickly realized that she was Rachel and started conspiring to get her out, but Big Brother introduced the MVP twist that saved her multiple times by viewers voting to have her safe from the block. With the whole house against her, she set out to take the people that bullied her out of the game, but like her sister, she just couldn't keep her mouth shut and it ultimately destroyed her game.

4. Willie Hantz - Season 14

Willie Hantz - Season 14
Willie Hantz was the brother of Survivor's Russel Hantz. He came across as nice enough when he first showed up in the house and had a built in fanbase, but all of that fizzled out when he tried to attack fellow contestant, Joe. He was quickly removed from the house.

5. Frankie Grande - 16

Frankie Grande - 16
Ariana Grande's big brother, Frankie appeared on the show's 16th season. He was one of those characters you loved to hate, but he actually became bearable when he managed to win a competition that was meant for two people all alone.

6. Frank Eudy - Season 14

Frank Eudy - Season 14
Frank really divided Big Brother fans. Everyone seemed to think he was this huge target. There were so many times that he almost got took out and it made his final time on the block anti-climactic.

7. Mike Boogie - Season 2, 7 & 14

Mike Boogie - Season 2, 7 & 14
Boogie came under a lot of fire during his stints in the house. One of the main complaints was that he never befriended a woman in any of his seasons.

8. Jessie Godderz - Season 10 & 11

Jessie Godderz - Season 10 & 11
All Godderz seemed to care about was his muscles. He didn't care much for the game. He was literally only there to flaunt his physique at every other houseguest.

9. Janelle Pierzina - Season 6, 7 & 14

Janelle Pierzina - Season 6, 7 & 14
Janelle was a competition beast during her first two stints in the house, but she gave up really quickly in Season 14 and didn't even fight to stay in the house. She had just had enough of the game and wanted out. It was a bit of a wasted opportunity for her.

10. Shelly Moore - Season 13

Shelly Moore - Season 13
Shelly Moore was the floater of the season and her constant backstabbing lead to her getting death threats from appearing in the show. It was so bad, but the public hated her.

11. Justin Sebik - Season 2

Justin Sebik - Season 2
Justin was a wild one who threatened houseguests with violence. He even held a knife to Krista's neck. Yikes.

12. Dan Gheesling - Season 10 & 14

Dan Gheesling - Season 10 & 14
Dan was a master manipulator. He was amazing at turning the tables on other houseguests. His "funeral" in Season 14 that secured him a place in the final was perfectly executed.

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