Jeremy Calvert Defends Brooke Wehr, Goes OFF on Teen Mom 2 & F--k Tard Fan Sites!

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Jeremy Calvert is sick and tired of being a part of Teen Mom 2 and the Internet sub-culture that goes along with reality TV quasi-fame.

Jeremy Calvert with Brooke Wehr Pic

Calvert made this abundantly clear on Instagram, going off on recent article that was written about him and his girlfriend Brooke Wehr.

The site, MTVTeenMomBlast dot com, cited an inside source claiming that Brooke is "insecure" and "very jealous" of his ex Leah Messer.

That sent the father of Leah's youngest daughter Adalynn - already frustrated with being a Teen Mom 2 cast member - over the edge.

Jeremy is not a fan of the spotlight, and especially now that he's getting engaged to Brooke Wehr, he's mad as hell and not gonna take it.

"Fuckkkkk you teen mom blast drop down and blow me @bwehr10," he captioned his rant, presumably meaning the site should blow him.

(Brooke would also make sense. Just saying.)

Calv Rant

“Okay to all u fuck yards from teen mom blast u can suck my dick,” he wrote in response to the allegations made by the Teen Mom fan site. 

“One brooke has never ever ever made me post anything in regards to her and quite frankly she gets upset with the stuff I do post of her."

"And second of all she is far from insecure over my ex so your [sic] way off there," he adds, defending her and their social media relationship.

"She does have my password to my account as a normal relationship should how many of you all have ur boyfriends shit and don’t lie and say u don’t."

"So you can take that little fucking ignorant article and shove it so far up ur ass ur [sic] choke on it … I don’t need Teen Mom in my life."

Oh, and the diatribe continues ...

Calv Rants

"I was doing just fine before I knew wtf the show was and truthfully wish I’d never became [sic] part of it, the BS has completely ruined my life," he adds.

"Yea and before ya talk shit the money isn’t amazing and enough to live off of either a.k.a. I have a job. And second of all fuck yes I do plan on marrying Brooke."

"Fuck ya why wouldn’t I she treats me great, works hard AF, takes amazing care of her child," he said of the Ohio native and mother of one.

"She makes me smile everyday, yes we have our moments but fuck what couple don’t [sic] we don’t go to bed mad at each other."

"I love her more than anything and so does my daughter, so that even means more to me that [sic] words can explain."

"So therefore for all u mother Fuckers who don’t like me IDGAF I truly don’t care I speak my mind I cuss, I drink, I’m not perfect by no means."

"But I do know right from wrong and how to respect people that deserve it. Fuck the rest and fuck u Grammer [sic] Nazis …”

What does Kelsey Grammer have to do with all this? Just kidding, Jeremy! In all seriousness, we do feel for the guy a little.

Dealing with his divorce from Leah and watching that play out on TV was brutal enough, but Brooke seems to be a red line for Jeremy.

Cross it, and you cross him - in a big, big way.

To think, there was talk of Calvert quitting Teen Mom 2 and taking Adalynn with him before any of this recent drama went down.

Wonder if he will - or can - make good on that.

His contract status is an open question, but between this and Brooke Wehr feuding with Leah Messer fans, it's been an ugly few months.

With no end in sight.

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