Dr. Drew on Farrah Abraham: I'd Like to Strangle Her!!

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Dr. Drew Pinsky has counseled many celebrities for TV ratings over the years, but arguably none are in need of more help than the stars of Teen Mom.

Doctor Drew
Farrah Abraham Bawlin'

And now, Dr. Drew dishes about the troubled reality show personalities on the Allegedly podcast with Theo Von and Matthew Cole Weiss.

When asked which of the Teen Moms he'd most like to strangle, he offered his candid reply.

"Farrah. Sorry, Farrah," he said.

If you've ever watched her on the show (or followed her on social media), you're probably nodding your head in agreement.

Many would claim the reality show-turned-sex-tape-star has earned her dour reputation.

Farrah's been lambasted for everything from terrible parenting choices to lying about rape to leaving racist comments on other celebs' Instagram posts

Nevertheless, Drew has some empathy for the mom of one.

When the host referred to Farrah as "awful," Drew came to her defense.

"No, she's not awful. She's frustrating," he explained.

"She suffers," he continued. "Believe me, when people behave like that it is because they are suffering and I feel bad for her a lot."

"But she can be very frustrating."

Well, that's putting it very diplomatically. 

Drew chalks up Farrah's constant thirst for attention as the result of the unsavory circumstances that have surrounded her life.

"Yeah, but that’s her job," he explained. "She has embraced it and this is what she’s going to do and she doesn’t have other skills or training and she’s got a mom who encourages her to do that stuff and a dad that’s kind of really ambivalent about it and he’s having a tough time himself."

"And then she was led in by people she trusted and feels as though she was exploited and things weren’t the way she intended them," he added.

"She’s trying to navigate through this crazy world she’s living in. I feel bad for her."

Kay. That may all be true, but it doesn't mean she should be forgiven for behaving like a total d*ck.

Your thoughts? Do you feel bad for Farrah or is there no excuse for her actions?

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