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Farrah Abraham has been taking a lot of heat lately – and this time, it’s not because she’s taking her clothes off.

Farrah Abraham Bikini Image
Photo via Instagram

Typically, Abraham makes news by screaming at every Tom, Dick and Harry who crosses her path or starring in a lesbian sex tape.

Now the Teen Mom OG personality has come under fire for pimping out seven-year-old daughter Sophia, who is apparently a child model.

Last week, fans were not pleased to see Farrah post a pic of Sophia modeling a bikini during a professional photo shoot.

"When will child services get involved and take her child away for her sexualizing her in this manner?" wrote one user on Instagram.

And now a new pic of the child is causing a brand new uproar among fans:

Sophia Abraham Modeling Pic
Photo via Instagram

In the pic, Sophia is partially submerged underwater as she poses seductively for the camera in a full face of makeup.

The child looks far older than her years in the pic, and fans fear Farrah may be causing irreparable damage to her daughter.

By pushing her into the exploitive modeling industry at such a young age, is she sending the wrong message?

"OMG sorry to say this But Farrah is going to lead her into Teen Pregnancy the rate she’s going … SO SAD it rally is," one reader scolded.

Another critic held nothing back as she unleashed her fury on the mother and sex tape star:

"Poor kid. She’s gonna be molested at any time now because you OBJECTIFY you own child and she is learning how to be a mini you!" the user wrote.

"If it weren’t for your wealth CPS would take her. You are a horrible mother. You basicly [sic] pimp you ill behaved demon spawn for profit and she will pay the worst price."

Wow. Demon spawn?

Earlier in the year, Farrah was slammed for sharing a pic of Sophia in Hawaii wearing a coconut bra and grass skirt, but by comparison, the pic seemed fairly harmless.

Sophia and her mom just appeared to be having some fun at a luau, but these newer pics exude a far more adult-oriented context.

Is Farrah taking it too far, especially lately with the modeling push? Are these pics no big deal or should she just let Sophia be a kid?

Hit the comments below to discuss.