Farrah Abraham Attacks Blac Chyna With RACIST Instagram Comment!

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Farrah Abraham has made a career out of being a complete and utter douchebag, but this may be a new low.

Farrah on the Reunion
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In a pathetically calculated move, the Teen Mom OG personality unleashed her inner racist on Blac Chyna in an unprovoked comment on Instagram.

Blac posted a video of herself singing "You better call Becky with the good hair," the much-talked about lyric on Beyonce's new album, "Lemonade."

And for what Farrah would like us to believe is no reason, she wrote the following in the comment section:

“F**kin monkey ewe s**t come up 4 what she is a nothing.”

We hear you screaming those expletives over there, and we feel you.

So far, Blac has not responded and we're guessing there's about a 50/50 chance that she will.

On the one hand, Blac is not one to take crap from anyone.

She was fully committed to her social media feud with Kylie Jenner for more than a year. Now that it's over, perhaps she'll welcome a new foe to spar with.

On the other hand, Farrah is a nobody who is just looking for attention and may not be worth Blac's time.

Naturaly, Blac's fans went off on Farrah in the comments, but many of them saw through her desperate ploy.

"You guys are doing exactly what Farrah wants you to do," wrote one user. "She attacks famous people so she can get media attention and hits on her instagram."

"Look who had to make their selves relevant again.. gtfo Lmfao!" quipped another fan. 

"@blacchyna don't even waste your time on a piece of sh*t like @farrah__abraham!" chimed in another. "Obviously she just tries to start sh*t with higher celebrities to even be relevant."

Nailed it, Chyna fans.

Farrah is likely attempting to regain the media attention she garnered when she got into a Twitter war with Nicki Minaj earlier this year. 

Sadly, it's working.

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