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Despite being the daughter of a legendary TV producer and racking up dozens of acting credits over the course of her career Tori Spelling is flat broke.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott on a Red Carpet

Remarkably, her husband Dean McDermott might be even broker (and more unemployable), so the couple has resorted to desperate measured in their bid to remain relevant (and hopefully cash in on another reality show).

The Spelling-McDermotts don’t have much these days, and in some respects, their famously troubled marriage might be their greatest asset.

That may sound counter-intuitive, but Tori and Dean’s reality show (though tough to watch) was a modest hit for Lifetime, and it marked the last time that anyone gave a crap about their lives.

So naturally, now that they’ve been reduced to clipping coupons and serving up mayonnaise sandwiches for dinner, the couple is dragging their unkillable Frankenstein monster of relationship back into the spotlight so the villagers can gawk at the ugly beast.

And how are are Tori and Dean forcing the world to once more look upon their works and tremble?

Why, with a fake wedding of course!

Tori and Dean say they’re "engaged" again, and since they’re already married, that’s really just their obnoxious way of announcing that they’re renewing their vows.

Sources say they’ll be throwing their own reception party, and naturally, they’ll be doing so on the super-cheap.

“Of course she wants it to look like they’ve blown a fortune on it,” a source close to the couple tells Radar Online.

“She’ll be getting invitations from the web, the live music will be a very small three-piece band and she and the kids are planning to create their own original decor." 

As far as we can tell, the ceremony is first and foremost Tori and Dean’s way of saying, "Hey, look everyone, we’re still married! Wouldn’t you love to see a reality show about how dysfunctional we are?"

But it’s also Tori’s way of announcing to the world that she’s become Hamburger Helper-cooking, check-bouncing, broke-ass Martha Stewart:

“This is Tori’s chance to prove how thrifty she can actually be by having the cheapest wedding ever.” 

Yeah, we’re sure nothing will impress her rich friends like showing that she can throw a super-cheap party. Good luck with that.