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Earlier this week, we reported that Tori Spelling is being sued by American Express for racking up $38,000 in debt and making no effort to pay it off.

Insiders say the suit may force Spelling to file for bankruptcy, as she and husband Dean McDermott haven’t had any steady income in months, and the AmEx bill is just the tip of their debt iceberg.

Now, it looks as though the situation may be worse than anyone realized, as the McDermotts are completely broke, and even when one of them does find work, it doesn’t nearly enough to help them chip away at the massive amount they owe.

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According to Radar Online, Tori was recently cast in a remake of her 1996 made-for-TV movie Mother May I Sleep With Danger.

Unfortunately, her paycheck is a fraction of what she used to make at the height of her career:

“She is happy to just be getting a paycheck,” said a source. “It’s not huge money, but it’s better than nothing.

“For most families, a $10,000 paycheck for just a few weeks’ worth of work would be huge. But it’s not for Tori. She can easily drop $1,000 at one toy store or department store.”

The insider adds that McDermott is now forcing Tori to break her hoarding habit and sell off some of her pricier possessions:

“Dean is putting down his foot and telling Tori she must sell off all off their junk that has accumulated over the years,” says the source.

“There are more than three huge storage lockers piled to the top, and the rental fees are $1,000-$4,000 a month.”

Tori has spoken in the past about her reluctance to sell her things, but she may not have any other choice.

In the past, the couple has turned to her mother for help, but Candy Spelling has already said she won’t help with the AmEx suit.

It’s unclear exactly how destitute the McDermotts are, but according to the lawsuit, Tori bounced a $1,000 check back in June.

So yeah, it’s not good.