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He was so close to leaving it all behind.

Dustin Diamond: Court Hearing For Stabbing Accusations
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On May 25th, former Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond was arrested yet again, this time for violating his probation.

According to Zap2it, Diamond was initially released from Ozaukee County Jail on Aprill 11th, having served three of a four-month sentence for stabbing someone during a Christmas Day 2014 bar fight.

Diamond was granted an early release for good behavior; While serving time, he took part in the "Jail Porter Program," working in the general custodial maintenance department.

For every 24 hours worked, the actor earned one day of "good time," according to a local station.

After accruing 30 days worth, Diamond was released a month earlier than his original sentence.

As of press time, no new information regarding the actor’s arrest has been made available.

After his April release, Diamond spoke candidly with former co-star Mario Lopez on Extra about the accusations.

Diamond explained that he and his fiancee, Amanda Schutz were asked to taking photos with a group of people.

All of a sudden, “One of the girl’s friends [Amanda] was talking to sucker-punched my fiancée,” Diamond recalled.

“She leaned back to me and her face was covered in blood.”

Then a man from the group grabbed Schutz’s hair, which prompted Diamond to jump to her defense.

“I opened my pocket knife and said, ‘Let my wife go immediately,’ which worked," he told Lopez.

Diamond denies actually "stabbing" the alleged victim.  Instead, Diamond claimed, the victim  “nicked his arm on the tip of” Diamond’s knife.

The troubled actor has insisted that after his first release, he’s ready to move forward.

“I want to put the tomfoolery and malarkey behind me…for that clean slate,” he told Lopez. “Time for a change.”

Diamond has faced his shares of hardships since Saved By The Bell; he was left out of a cast reunion, and then wrote a scathing tell-all about his co-stars.  

The Northern California native took part in a few low-rent reality shows and even made a sex tape, which didn’t pay enough since he went broke and faced foreclosure on him home in 2006.